The Steel Mace 360 exercise is a classic movement that builds upper body and core strength and mobility. This drill has been used by fighters around the world for hundreds of years. It utilizes a swinging motion to rotate the Steel Mace (also known as a macebell or Gada) from in front of your body, over one shoulder, and behind your back.

Rather than relying solely on shoulder and core strength to carry out the motion, proper form requires you to use gravity and momentum to swing the Steel Mace in a pendulum movement. A pivotal part of this drill is called the “fall;” this is the point where the weight is carried behind your back by the weight of the “ball” of the Steel Mace. By moving the weight into the proper position (shown here), the ball will fall behind your back; your job is to control the motion and pull it back over your shoulder at the correct moment. View the full movement by Clicking Here.

Other Exercise Info

Tip Writer: Aubrey Marcus

Exercise Demonstrator: Aubrey Marcus

Equipment: 20lb Steel Mace