Workout Details

This is the Onnit Academy Workout of the Day for Friday, November 20, 2015. It is a bodyweight, sandbag, kettlebell, steel club, steel mace, medicine ball, and battle ropes workout consisting of 5 – 30 rounds of mixed implement training. This is #20 of a series of daily workouts, showing you exactly what we are doing at the Onnit Academy Gym in Austin, Texas.

Workout Instructions

Perform all exercises in group A with as little rest as possible. Rest and repeat for a total of 5 rounds. Record your total time in the comments section. The goal of this training session is General Physical Preparation and to increase your workout capacity.

A1.  Tsunami Battle Ropes Exercise – 5 rounds x 30 sec.
A2. Medicine Ball Slams Exercise – 5 rounds x 30 sec.
A3. Clean to Press Sandbag Exercise – 5 rounds x 30 sec.
A4. Kettlebell Squat Exercise – 5 rounds x 30 sec.
A5. Steel Club Alternating Pullover Exercise – 5 rounds x 30 sec.
A6. Steel Mace Alternating Side Lunge Exercise – 5 rounds x 30 sec.

Onnit Academy Workout of The Day #20 - Super Fan Workout