Onnit Academy Certification


Onnit Academy’s Certifications provide a unique experience in the realm of fitness education. They combine a foundational framework that opens your ability to plug the System into ANY fitness or training modality, with the in-depth instruction to utilize an array of tools.


There are 2 primary categories of certification offered at the Onnit Academy: The Foundations Certification and the Specialist Certification.

Foundations Certifications

The Foundations Certifications comprises the basis for the Onnit Academy System and from which all other certifications are built. While not a prerequisite for taking the Specialist certifications, these are highly recommended because you will gain a deeper understanding of the design, applicability and innovation that comes with becoming an expert in your given stream of interest. The Foundations Certifications are also where we assist you to build a powerful platform for igniting your growth and impact as a coach to the next stratosphere. The Foundations Certifications category consists of our:

Specialist Certifications

The Specialist Certifications are designed to provide the specific tools and systematic approaches needed to fully incorporate each unconventional fitness implement into your training. The Specialist Certifications category consists of:


Evolve Into a Life-Changing Coach

The education provided and its subsequent application into your practice and training business is, first and foremost, the biggest value received by taking part in our certification courses. Providing powerful perspectives, tools and connection, the Onnit Academy serves to bridge the gap between where many people find themselves stuck and accessing life changing practices that allow them to engage to their highest capacity on a daily basis. Through this educational process you grow to become an ever greater conduit to do the same for the masses. Develop and refine your capacity for transforming the lives of those you serve and you will transform your business!

Be Part of an Industry-Changing Team

Having a place in the ‘ocean’ of information, contradictions and competition that you can return and tie your boat to when needed is a major contributor nowadays in whether you sail or slog your way forward. A place to catch your breath, connect with fellow explorers of the high seas, invigorate the spark of inspiration, re-supply and get your bearings so you power back out. To have the foundational, or anchoring, ‘vessel’ of an armada you not only gain from, but add your strength to. In the fitness industry, we offer a rare version of such a place. A place where:

  • You connect to a tribe of like hearted people that believe in the immense capacity for every person to contribute greatly.
  • Service in the improvement of the lives of our families, communities and fellow humankind is at the core of what we do.
  • You can utilize your passion, skill, insight and natural gifts in the realm of health, fitness, sports performance and wellbeing to serve that greater end.
  • It isn’t simply about trying to be different from or outdo “the other guys”. It’s about elevating our sights on a whole other horizon.
Be Connected to a World-Changing Company

Onnit is making major headway as a leader in the realm of natural supplements, earth grown nutrients, fitness equipment and fitness education. But it is also at the forefront of educating on, and making accessible, advanced technologies and powerful practices for enhancing one’s life. From college students to Olympians, from grandparents to big name entertainers, from stay at home mom’s to pro athlete’s, people the world over have felt the impact of what Onnit brings. And that impact is only growing. Being certified through the Onnit Academy, you have a special connection to this robust platform and are able to benefit from utilizing empowering tools available to you via that relationship to grow your business and be a contributing part to this world changing force.

Exclusive Onnit Academy Trainer Discount

Upon completion of each Onnit Academy Certification you will receive a one time coupon good for 20% off supplements, foods, clothing and equipment. Afterwards your account will be updated based on your email with an ongoing 10% discount that is good towards supplements, foods, clothing and equipment.

Enhanced Onnit Academy Online Marketing Affiliate Status

As an Onnit Academy Certified Trainer, you qualify for a higher commission percentage on your online affiliate marketing account. Affiliate marketing is common amongst internet and direct marketers that partner with an elite brand such as Onnit and provide their customers with top quality products. Often under utilized by trainers and training companies who already have a built in, qualified audience, it is a great way to earn additional income that helps grow your business, while providing added value to your clients and community.

Onnit Academy Certified Trainer Global Directory

Once your Onnit Academy Certification is completed, you have the opportunity to be added to the Onnit Academy Certified Trainer Global Directory. The Onnit and Onnit Academy website gets hundreds of thousands of new visitors each month. And as this company’s exposure continues to grow, this online directory database will become a go to source for finding qualified trainers who provide optimized training that is in alignment with a brand people have come to trust and value.

The Optimized Life Priority Writing Opportunities

The Onnit Academy Blog is read by thousands of people each day all across the world. Along with that the Onnit Academy Content team receives guest submissions every week. For obvious reasons, not all submissions are posted. But as an Onnit Academy Certified Trainer, your submission gets bumped to the front of the line and given priority status for review. And we encourage any trainer certified with us to write for the blog, as it is a hugely valuable positioning tool for you as a subject matter expert.

Core Principles

Efficiency & Resource Optimization

Unconventional Training methods are highly efficient, that is why the majority of the movements are focused on full body engagement, utilize compound exercises, Resource Optimization concerns maximizing efficiency in all aspects: time, equipment, energy, and space.

  • TIME: Workouts should require as little time as possible to achieve the desired results.
  • EQUIPMENT: Equipment needs to be minimal, affordable, and highly versatile.
  • ENERGY: Training takes all aspects of human energy into account: physical, mental, and spiritual.
  • SPACE: If you were stuck in a 10×10 box, you would still be expected to reach a highly functional state of being. All methods use (or can use) a minimal amount of space and still be effective.
Unity in Diversity

While it may seem like an oxymoron at times, we can indeed have unity without needing to be monochromatic or uniform in expression. And diversity can exist without chaos and discord having to arise. At the Onnit Academy, we draw on a broad spectrum of different and familiar tools and modalities from a diverse range, celebrating their strengths and value, bringing them together in a unified application towards creating an environment for Total Human Optimization. This very principle is what gives such potency to all we do here, feeding into the openness, objective inquiry, adaptability and resilience that spurs the continually exponential, high quality growth experienced; in training, in business, in life.

Search For Truth

The minute you believe you have it all figured out or are doing everything you need to operate at your highest potential, is the minute you are quickly sliding back down a slippery slope. Hence why the continual search for greater understanding and refinement is so important. We often think of truth along the lines of black and white; right and wrong. When in actual fact truth transcends definitive lines, boundaries and “absolutes”. Because when it is truth, it is universal; at minimum a kernel of it found in all manner of seemingly contradictory explanations and expression. When genuinely seeking, we are in a process of drawing that truth together into an evermore cohesive framework through which to engage our training, and every aspect of it, more honestly.


Balance is not about keeping everything in equal measure to each other all the time. There is no perfect point of homeostasis. We are constantly being drawn off in one direction or another. Our effort is to both understand what we need most at any given time in order to be as close to optimal function as possible; and to counter too strong a force pulling us out of alignment from that state. Balance requires us to constantly course correct for any force that begins to overpower the other components that form the whole. That’s right: even a strength of ours can overpower to the point of diminishing returns. Hence the integrative approach to fitness at the Onnit Academy, promoting an openness to a broad spectrum of tools and modalities distilled into a functional application with the focus of optimizing our lives. Having the wide array of resources to draw from, as offered at Onnit, ensures we do not remain safely tucked away in our comfort zone. Whether that’s a comfort zone of dysfunction, familiarity or over-specialization.


Leadership is often thought of as being the person at the front of the room who directs everyone else as to what is going to be done, how it’s going to be done and who is going to do what. But it is more than that. To lead is to go first. In doing so it shows the way, making it easier for others to travel that way with you. The essence of being a leader is to exemplify first in yourself what is being asked of others. Being that leader has nothing to do with standing at the front of the room or having the loudest voice. By going through the Onnit Academy Trainer Certifications, you step into the role of a leader. Whether you are attending for professional or personal reasons. Taking the step to expand your knowledge, skill base and understanding, with the focus of greater optimization in your life and the life of those you serve, you lead the way towards the betterment of all.


How does a culture truly thrive? It has the meaningful participation and contribution of the people within it. And when do people feel intrinsically motivated and inspired to want to do so? When they are valued and empowered to share their gifts. In an industry where competition revolves around devaluing and outdoing others, rather than coming from a place of giving your best to help raise the level of those around you, the culture is very self serving and limiting. Yet what is at the very core of what we are all doing? Lifting up and raising the quality of the lives of those we serve! To truly recognize, acknowledge and honor the incredible value others bring to those they serve, encouraging them to continue along their path of positive contribution, is not unlike placing a flaming stick in a field of tall dry grass. And we thrive in the heat of empowering you to do the same.


Foundations Certifications
Specialist Certifications
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