The Dolce Diet: Living Lean

    The Dolce Diet: Living Lean

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    Praise For The Dolce Diet: Living Lean!

    "Dolce is a lifestyle changer." — ESPN

    "I love The Dolce Diet; it's amazing! It's not just for cutting weight. It's about learning to eat properly for your health." — Vitor Belfort, UFC two-time world champion

    "Mike Dolce's the best in the business." — Chael Sonnen, UFC world title contender

    "Mike Dolce's knowledge of nutrition and strength & conditioning has led him to be one of the most highly sought-after coaches in the sport." — Joshua Carey, Bleacher Report

    "You can learn a lot from this man right here." — Ariel Helwani, AOL's

    About The Dolce Diet: Living Lean

    For the first time in print, Mike Dolce shares the same principles, recipes and workouts he uses in MMA's elite fight camps and how they can be used by you!

    INSIDE you will learn:

    • Recipes used in MMA's top fight camps with gluten-free & vegan options
    • Easy to follow sample meal plans with gluten-free & vegan options
    • Strength & Conditioning exercises with instructions & photos
    • Workout plans used by today's top athletes

    Called "the patron saint of weight cutting," Mike Dolce has coordinated the high-profile weight loss for many of the world's top athletes, including...

    • Vitor "The Phenom" Belfort, UFC two-time world champion
    • Thiago "Pitbull" Alves, UFC world title contender
    • Chael Sonnen WEC / UFC world title contender
    • Gray "Bully" Maynard, UFC world title contender
    • Michael "The Count" Bisping, The Ultimate Fighter 3 winner
    • Duane "BANG" Ludwig, UFC & K-1 veteran
    • Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, UFC / Pride FC world champion
    • Mike "Quicksand" Pyle, WEC world champion
    • Jay "Thorobred" Hieron, IFL world champion
    • Jake "Juggernaut" Ellenberger, UFC veteran
    • Ed "Shortfuse" Herman, The Ultimate Fighter 3 runner-up
    • Chris "The Crippler" Leben, UFC veteran

    … and many more!

    What People Are Saying About The Dolce Diet

    The Dolce Diet, three words about Living Lean: 1. Simple 2. Inspirational 3. Effective. Thank you, Mike Dolce! You've made staying in shape easy! — Stewart M.

    The Dolce Diet, Love it! My Little-Boy-2-B has been on it for 5.5 months! This diet is truly amazing for moms pre & post baby! Yes, The Dolce Diet is prego friendly! Plenty of the RIGHT kind of food that tastes great! — The H2H Waitress

    Started two weeks ago. Lost 13 pounds so far. Yea! Love the recipes! So do my kids! Thank you! — Dawn H.

    Body fat down 4% in 2 months?! Yessss! #LIVING LEAN — Molly C.

    The Dolce Diet, started 410, down 50 lbs. so far. — Josh W.

    The Dolce Diet, 13 lbs. lost in 4 weeks! People are asking what I'm doing...Telling them LIVING LEAN! — MikE S.

    Real talk! The Dolce Diet is the Einstein, da Vinci and Jesus of losing weight all wrapped up in one...gluten free wrap that is. — Mikey F.

    Another 5 (lbs. lost) on The Dolce Diet. 25 pounds down in 2 weeks, 100 to go! #LivingLean! — John P.

    Making THE DOLCE DIET turkey burgers. LIVING LEAN and loving it! — Julie W.

    The Dolce Diet, I've lost 35 lbs. of fat since January 3rd. Healthy and delicious! I love Living Lean. — Brandon E.

    I can't walk! That means I had a great booty workout!! Yeah buddy! #LIVINGLEAN — Mari C.

    The Dolce Diet, 31 lbs. lost now. Feeling great. Can't believe I didn't do this before. 16 lbs. to go. — Jeff S.

    24 lbs in 6 weeks! BOOM! All thanks to The Dolce Diet & Living Lean! — Chris P.

    I read through The Dolce Diet: Living Lean & I planned my next whole week & a half's daily menu & organized my shopping list today. #Motivated — Dani B.

    Day 40 tastes just as good! (Mike Dolce is) the Weight Whisperer. — Stephanie S.

    The Dolce Diet Is The Real Deal

    Mike Dolce's LIVING LEAN does a spectacular job creating an emotional backdrop to the science behind his famed principles used by UFC athletes worldwide. Now it's here for us regular folks!

    • Fantastic cardio & strength workouts
    • Easy, delicious recipes
    • Great story
    • Exercises w/ instructions & photos

    — MMA Diet Reviews


    This nutrition plan works, plain and simple, whether you're an athlete or a father that just throws a baseball around with your kids. After interviewing (UFC fighter) John Alessio, I ordered Living Lean. After starting at 236 lbs., I finished the first week at 221 lbs. This book has changed my lifestyle.


    ESPN: Living Lean A Top Read

    By now you know that Mike Dolce has helped fighters like Thiago Alves make weight, but the thing that's been under-stressed is that Dolce is a lifestyle changer. (Living Lean) will help those of you who wonder at his secrets, and it's full of recipes and workout tips to get you into a leaner, healthier figure.



    The Manmaker

    Hard work makes the Man. Start off with a series of challenging, hi-octane drills including thrusters, clean and presses, Overhead squats, Windmills, and finally swings and snatches.

    The Upper Body Blast

    When thinking about kettlebells, the upper body isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But Keith Weber shows us otherwise and ensures that his DVD is a true total body workout. The exercises include windmills, push presses, cleans, clean and presses, rowing, pushups, upright rowing, then finally the hot potato drill.

    The Leg Burner

    As if the other workouts weren't leg burners… Be prepared for your legs and lungs to get a healthy beating in this one. Exercises include overhead squat, squat kicks, overhead lunges, tactical lunges, swings, and bodyweight squats.

    The Swing Workout

    You're half way there. Almost. This workout encompasses a series of swing variations continuously supersetted with the hot potato drill, allowing the hip and thigh muscles to recover slightly, while keeping heart rate up. The swing variations include one handed swings, high pulls, clean and presses, cleans, then back to standard swings. This workout and the slingshot are challenging enough on their own that if you only have 7 minutes to spare, this is about the best thing you can do for your body.

    The Slingshot

    Savage. Just Savage. The workouts include Keith's signature between the legs pass variation of the Slingshot, performed between sets of 2 handed drills including squats, overhead push presses, tactical lunges, thrusters. You're gonna feel this one for a few days.

    The Turkish Getup

    A friendly way to finish off. If your friend was a bull shark. 5 sets per side consisting of getups, overhead squats, windmills, then 2 handed swings before switching sides and repeating the sequence. Provides excellent focus training as it is difficult to breathe, concentrate on form, and keep pushing through the fatigue at this stage of the training session.

    Core Workout/Cooldown

    Cool down your body by setting your abs on fire? These powerful core drills span from situps with the bell, crunch variations, lateral leg raises, floor wipers, Russian twists, partial get-ups for the obliques, frontal leg raises, until finally the respite of a brief stretching session.

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