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Shroom TECH™ Immune

Shroom TECH Immune

Breeze through all seasons.

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Stimulating the Immune System Directly

Shroom TECH Immune is a revolutionary formula designed to directly influence the body's ability to maintain a healthy immune system. At the heart of the formula is a combination of some of the most potent nutritional mushrooms in the world, rich with bio-active fungal polysaccharides and beta glucans believed to help the body to stimulate the production of killer T- and B-cells directly. Rounding out this powerful combination are the immune essential minerals selenium and zinc, along with the most popular immune stimulating herb in the world, echinacea purpurea. While nothing can guarantee a lifetime of good health, Shroom TECH Immune may help to stack the odds in your favor.†

Invest in good health

The immune system is not only important in keeping you healthy year round, it is equally important in defending against the "big stuff." In an optimally-functioning immune system, killer T- and B-cells meet immune challenges before larger issues arise. The prevailing attitude is, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it." But the problem with this line of thinking is that often by the time the immune system "breaks," it is too late to fix. Far better is to start making small deposits into the bank of good health while healthy. Consider Shroom TECH Immune a small daily investment in your future longevity.†

“The lifestyle of a DJ leaves me run down a lot. I feel like now I can push it harder than ever without having to worry.”

DJ Skittles - EDM DeeJay

Breeze through stress and season

Killer T- and B-cells are designed to attack entering immune challenges and destroy them before they are allowed to replicate. However, when the body is under stress, a state of weakened immune capacity decreases the chances of the body's immune system to overcome a challenge. In this instance, secondary measures that are often uncomfortable will be taken in order to reduce the burden on the body. Shroom TECH Immune is designed to increase the body's chances to overcome these challenges before they begin and trigger reactionary measures. Complex polysaccharides help the body keep killer immune cells ready and primed to help you breeze through the year.†

“Ever since I started taking Chaga mushroom in my supplement regimen, I have felt healthier than ever before.”

Joe Rogan - TV Host/Comic

Shroom TECH Immune science

The mechanism of action revolves around complex polysaccharides and beta glucans intrinsic in certain nutritional mushrooms that trigger the production and activation of killer T- and B-cells — the body's defenders. Found readily in both the Immune Assist™ mushroom blend and the Reishi and Chaga mushroom found in Shroom TECH, these compounds are on the forefront of clinical research in several fields. Zinc and selenium are minerals that are further linked to healthy immune function.† For more info on the research behind this product, click here.

Natural ingredients

  1. Immune Assist: Clinically researched mushroom blend high in immune stimulating polysaccharides.†
  2. Reishi Mushroom: Traditionally used immune nutrient in Chinese medicine.†
  3. Chaga Mushroom: Potent nutritional mushroom, found growing on Birch trees.†
  4. Astragalus: Chinese herb, helpful in unlocking the full capability of nutritional mushrooms.†
  5. Echinacea: The world's most popular immune stimulating herb.†
  6. Zinc: Important mineral with well-researched immune benefits.†
  7. Selenium: Powerful antioxidant mineral, ideal for optimal health.†

Clinically-tested Proprietary Mushroom Blend

The core strength of the Shroom TECH Immune formula resides in the potency of medicinal mushrooms and the Immune Assist™ Micron blend licensed from Aloha Medicinals. Rounding out the formula are the essential minerals zinc and selenium, and the adaptogenic Chinese herb, astragalus.

Beta-Glucans and the Immune System

Mushrooms are traditionally prized for both the nutritional value and composition of biologically active compounds believed to stimulate the immune the system. Beta-glucans are high molecular weight polysaccharides that activate natural killer cells, T-cells, B-cells, neutrophils, and cell-mediated immune responses [source]. The structural configuration, glucoside linkages, and molecular mass of these mushroom specific compounds are recognized as foreign bodies by immune cell receptors, initiating a cascade of events that elevates the production of both innate and adaptive immune cells[source]. Beta-glucans have been shown to bind to the Decin-1; a receptor present on surface of macrophages, neutrophils and some T-cells; promoting phagocytosis and further activation of immune response pathways[source]. Immune Assist™ contains over 200 highly-purified, high molecular weight polysaccarides derived from 100% USDA Certified Organic, Certified Kosher, non-GMO mushroom species that include: Agaricus blazei, Cordyceps sinensis, Grifola frondosa (Maitake), Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi), Coriolus (Trametes) versicolor, and Lentinula edodes. Elevation of the body’s natural form of defense with a blend of these highly functional foods can assist the body with lasting vitality and health. For more information on Immune Assist™, click here

Chaga and Reishi Mushrooms

Chaga mushrooms are cultivated in cold climates and have a history of use that dates back to the 16th century. The slow growing fruit bodies from chaga mushrooms reside on bark of birch trees and have a charcoal appearance due to the high content of melanin. Chaga mushrooms contain a high density of antioxidants, phytosterols, and polysaccharides that contribute to modulating immune function[source]. Chaga uniquely contains a safe and ingestible form of betulinic acid, a cytotoxic agent typically present in birch bark that induces apoptosis and anti-proliferative responses in certain cell types [source]. The immunostimulatory benefits of Chaga mushrooms derive from the both low molecular weight soluble compounds, as well as the heavier polysaccharides.

The Reishi mushroom, also known as Lingzhi mushroom, has been traditionally used in Chinese medicine for over 2,000 years. A high density of antioxidants and triterpenes contribute to the immune enhancing effects[source]. A recent study on the antioxidant extracts from Reishi mushrooms displayed a protective effect against the oxidative stress and DNA damage [6].


Echinacea is one of the most popular herbal supplements in the world. Although there is conflicting data regarding immune benefit of this natural product, new research suggests an additional benefit in enhancing athletic performance with echinacea supplementation. A double blinded, placebo-controlled study of young men reported significant increases in VO2 max, elevated erythropoietin, and enhanced running economy[7]. For those athletically inclined, echinacea may provide added benefits as an ergogenic aid.


Polysaccharide extracts from the root of astragalus have been used as a traditional Chinese health herb to help the body with pharmacological and immune-modulatory optimization. Administration of astragalus polysaccharides has been shown to accelerate the humoral and cellular immune responses, accelerating the production of antibodies and T-cell proliferation[8]. In addition, astragalus has also been shown to provide an additional benefit to athletes. Eight weeks of astragalus supplementation reduced fatigue and increased oxygen uptake in trained athletes. Both the immuno-proliferative properties and performance enhancing effects of astragalus support its role as a useful supplement to help the body with optimum cardiovascular and immune function.

Zinc and Selenium

Zinc is an essential mineral imperative in many cellular processes, including immune system maintenance[source]. Popular zinc brands have taken advantage of this wealth of information to market zinc products for the reduction of cold systems, but Shroom TECH Immune contains this essential mineral in order to provide well rounded nutrient support of the immune system. The Shroom TECH Immune formula also includes selenium, an essential dietary trace mineral and important antioxidant that helps protect against damage caused by free radicals.

Optimum Immunity

Shroom TECH Immune compiles a highly potent profile of both traditional and cutting edge immune boosting compounds, some of which are completely unique to fungal species. Immune Assist contains high molecular weight polysaccharides that have immunostimulatory properties, keeping the body well-prepared for pathogenic challenges. The addition of Chaga and Reishi mushrooms offer a long history of therapeutic use that is supported by modern scientific research. Echinacea and astragalus are two extracts that can provide additional cardiovascular benefits to highly active individuals, while zinc and selenium are essential minerals instrumental in the efficient maintenance and functioning of the immune system. This unique composition of nutrients in Shroom TECH Immune is designed to be highly beneficial for those who aim to maintain optimum health.


  • 6.) Yuen, J.W. and M.D. Gohel, The dual roles of Ganoderma antioxidants on urothelial cell DNA under carcinogenic attack. Journal of ethnopharmacology, 2008. 118(2): p. 324-30.
  • 7.) Whitehead, M.T., et al., Running economy and maximal oxygen consumption after 4 weeks of oral Echinacea supplementation. Journal of strength and conditioning research / National Strength & Conditioning Association, 2012. 26(7): p. 1928-33.
  • 8.)Du, X., et al., Astragalus polysaccharides enhance the humoral and cellular immune responses of hepatitis B surface antigen vaccination through inhibiting the expression of transforming growth factor beta and the frequency of regulatory T cells. FEMS immunology and medical microbiology, 2011. 63(2): p. 228-35.


Immune Assist™ - 1000 mg

Immune Assist™ is a combination of over 200 highly purified, immune-active High Molecular Weight (HMW) Hetero-polysaccharides and Beta 1,3-1,6 triple right hand helix Beta Glucans. This product is derived from six closely related 100% USDA Certified Organic, Certified Kosher, biotech lab cultivated, full spectrum, non-GMO medicinal mushroom species: Agaricus blazei - Cordyceps sinensis - Grifola frondosa (Maitake) - Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi)- Coriolus [Trametes] versicolor - Lentinula edodes. Several research studies point to the positive immune effects of fungal polysaccharides and beta glucans. More information can be found here †

Chaga Mushroom - 200 mg

Chaga mushroom, found on Birch and other trees in cold climates, has been used in folk medicine in Russia and other North European countries for generations. Chaga draws nutrients from the tree on which it grows and extracts are typically derived from the inner layers of the bark. The active constituents are thought to be a combination of triterpenes, such as betulinic acid, sterols, and polysaccharides.†

Reishi Mushroom - 300 MG

Derived from the cap and stem of the mushroom, reishi mushroom is commonly used as an immune stimulant. The active constituents are thought to include both beta-glucan polysaccharides and triterpenes. There are four types of Reishi mushrooms, each with unique properties: this blend encompasses all different strains.†

Echinacea Purpurea - 300mg

Extracts of Echinacea, derived from the root and aerial parts of the plant represent one of the most popular herbal supplements in the world.†

Astragalus - 100mg

Astragalus root is widely used by the Chinese for its immuno-stimulating properties. It is included in the formula to help maximize the health benefit of the mushrooms.†

Zinc - 11mg

Zinc is an essential mineral that is commonly associated with immune function, and for good reason. Data analysis of 15 clinical trials suggests benefits of zinc supplementation in assisting the immune system.†

Selenium - 55mcg

Selenium, an essential dietary trace mineral, is an important component of antioxidant systems such as glutathione peroxidase that neutralize and protect against damage caused by free radicals and reactive oxygen species. It also plays an important role in thyroid function. Selenium can be obtained from the diet by consuming certain whole grains, meats, seafood, poultry and nuts, however it is difficult to maintain adequate dosage by diet alone.†

Products including Alpha BRAIN, New MOOD, Shroom TECH Sport, and Shroom TECH Immune have a shelf life of two years from the manufacturer date found on the bottle.

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