Onnit Stories

Everyone loves to hear a good story. A well-told tale is entertaining, appeals to our values, and inspires us to do something that’s worth other people telling stories about.

We believe storytelling is the best way to convey how Onnit can help its community on their path to Total Human Optimization.

That’s why we created Onnit Stories, a live-interview series introducing real people who have made amazing and positive life changes since discovering our brand. Many of the storytellers are members of the Onnit Tribe—a private Facebook group of Onnit fans who support one another’s every move, in and out of the gym—and they’ll tell you in their own words exactly how they’ve achieved incredible health, performance, career, and personal goals.

We hope you’ll connect with these stories and be moved… to tears, laughter, empathy, and, ultimately, to action.

Action that helps you reach your potential, and write your own story.

“Learn How To Lose To Win”:
Ryan McDonald’s Onnit Story

As great as winning feels, it doesn’t teach you anything. Only by losing can we learn what we need to correct going forward, or, in some cases, what our true purpose is. An injury brought Ryan McDonald’s collegiate track career to an end, but it inadvertently led him to Onnit, where he now explores his two greatest passions—fitness and technology—as a Full Stack Developer on our web team.

“Onnit Is For Everyone”:
Jason and Tracy Oberuc’s Onnit Story

Everybody has their own way of working out, but no matter what kind you choose, it should make you feel better than you do without it, and it should have benefits that carry over into other aspects of your life. In that respect, Onnit has you covered, whether you’re a young guy looking to lose weight or an older lady who’s trying to be active again. Such is the case with Jason Oberuc and his mom Tracy (aka “Tad”)—two people who grew closer following the same training system, despite having different goals and being decades apart in age.

“Build Your Own Castle”:
Anthony Perez’s Onnit Story

Successful people don’t really see days as “good” or “bad.” They’re just opportunities to give your best effort toward whatever dream you’re working on. Anthony Perez thinks of every day as a building block in the long-term construction of the “castle” he wants for his family. This week, he speaks to our Director of Fitness Education, Shane Heins, about the power of consistency, family, Onnit 6 Bodyweight training, and more

“I Live With Joy”:
Mitchell Crocker’s Onnit Story

There’s a secret that only people who work out are in on: life is easy. OK, maybe not easy, but it’s a lot easier for people who are vigorously active on a regular basis, because once you’ve left your heart and soul in a pool of sweat on the floor, you can’t be daunted by the minor inconveniences and irritations of daily life. As our friend Mitchell Crocker says, “If I can overcome a workout, I shouldn’t have anything stressing me out.” The Missouri City, Texas, native is one of the happiest and most positive guys we know, and the perfect subject for our continuing Onnit Stories series.

"People Crave Authenticity”:
Hannah Eden’s Onnit Story

Hannah Eden may look like some kind of modern-day warrior princess, but she didn’t start out that way. The British-born fitness influencer and Instagram sensation was, by her own admission, “a very dark, angry little girl” once, and she still has moments where she wants to hide her true self from the world. But with the empowerment that comes with fitness, and the support of a like-minded community (in which Onnit humbly plays a role), Eden continues to take her fans and followers along on her journey, sharing its every up and down.

“We’re All Ships In The Ocean”
Jolie Kobrinsky’s Onnit Story

You never know whom among those you help today might return the favor tomorrow. Case in point, the relationship between Onnit Chief Fitness Officer John Wolf and coach Jolie Kobrinsky, of Seaside, California. The pair met more than a decade ago when Kobrinsky was an up and coming trainer and wanted to learn kettlebell training from the best. Today, her studio is spreading the Onnit gospel on the west coast. Wolf sat down with Kobrinsky to track how their friendship has developed and improved both their lives and careers.

“I Help Clients Be Better People”
Juan Leija’s Onnit Story

Juan Leija is a walking billboard for what Onnit’s fitness philosophy can do for your body (if you choose to take it that far). But if you don’t know Juan personally, you probably don’t understand what he can do for your life apart from kettlebells and sweatpants. Onnit Gym’s Director of Fitness Programming is one of our most sought-after trainers, and working with him will develop much more than your muscles.

“My Co-Workers Are Like Family”
Kamile Ishiyama Dotson’s Onnit Story

Anyone can get Onnit. Kamile Ishiyama Dotson, Onnit’s Director of Project Management, certainly isn’t “anyone,” but she’s a good example of someone who came to Onnit not knowing what to expect and, by keeping an open mind and a brave spirit, discovered a new path to fitness—and a career in which she excels. Now she’s returning the favor by lending her considerable talents to make Onnit a tighter-run ship than it’s ever been.

“I Made Up A Way”
Kenny Stanford’s Onnit Story

The 39 year-old from West Columbia, TX, started working out in an effort to set a good example for his kids. Now, under a decade later, he owns three gym locations and leads some of the toughest teenagers you’ll ever find in adventure races that could fell a horse.

“Little Kids Called Me Hero”
Barry Peterson’s Onnit Story

If you think you’re “too old” or “too fat” to do something amazing, you need to meet Barry Peterson. At age 52, the Portland, Oregonian is working as a high-voltage lineman again—after conquering his demons and dropping more than 100 pounds. We chronicled Peterson’s redemption in an earlier article, but we wanted to interview him again—this time on video—so you can hear him tell his tale directly as part of our Onnit Stories series.

“I Don’t Know Everything and It’s OK”
Anthony Mejia’s Onnit Story

An athlete all his life, Anthony Mejia, 47, of Huntington Beach, Calif., thought fitness was something that could be won with hard work. But competing in the Onnit 6 Challenge and “losing” taught him more about how to transform his body, mind, and spirit than winning ever did. Here, Mejia tells the tale of how Onnit, the Onnit Tribe, and the steel mace he plans to name changed his life.

NFL Draft Prep 2019

Follow the head of Onnit Sports Performance, Jeremy Hills, and the rest of the Onnit Team as they help a group of young NFL Draft hopefuls prepare to make their dreams come true, as they pursue the ultimate goal of making an NFL roster.

In The Ring With Us

Onnit Stories Present: In the Ring With Us, a candid look at the world of female Muay Thai fighting and the uphill battle these women face on a daily basis.

True Wrestling

The world of Independent Wrestling has changed drastically over the years, but the dedication and motivation of its athletes continue to entertain and inspire in cities around the world. Take a peek behind the curtain and follow the journey of Ricky Starks and Aaron Solow, an Independent Tag Team on the underground circuit, as they travel throughout Texas, Mexico and beyond to chase their dreams to the WWE.


An all-access behind the scenes look at what life is like for the UFC fighter they call, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone. Featuring training, life on the BMF ranch, and the lead up to UFC 205 and 206. Donald Cerrone works hard, plays hard, and lives a life worth living.

Before the Pour

Pre-ground or whole bean, french press or drip, black or MCT-charged, we all have our coffee process. But there’s a more extraordinary and beautiful process that takes place long before the coffee makes it in your cup. This rarely-seen journey begins hundreds of miles away, in a small village in Guatemala. So before you brew your next cup, enjoy this incredible look at what goes into creating our Arabica Dark Roast Coffee from the mountains of Guatemala to the streets of Austin, Texas.