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    21 #21 - A lifelong pursuit of Martial Arts with Rafael Lovato Jr | Onnit Podcast We sit down to discuss a life long practice of martial arts, the rise of Brazilian Jui Jitsu, transitioning to MMA, and the best practices for recovery and... 20 #20 Hanging with fitness gurus and friends MindPump Sal Distefano, Adam Schafer, and Justin Andrews comprise MindPump. A group of fitness enthusiasts who explore everything involved in human optimization. Their... 19 #19 MMA Legends Bas Rutten and Duane "Bang" Ludwig | Onnit Podcast We sit down with two legend of MMA to discuss coaching, acting, and healing damaged brains. Go For Your Win Discover Your Mission // Train Essential Skills... 18 #18 Strength, Ego and What Really Matters with Brandon Lilly | Onnit Podcast Brandon is a retired powerlifter who loves being strong but has shifted towards the exploration of consciousness and finding answers to the big questions. ... 17 #17 - The importance of Flow States and Accountability with Andy Stumpf | Onnit Podcast Andy Stumpf, retired Navy SEAL, Skydiver, Wingsuit, and Basejumper and host of the Cleared Hot podcast, shares his unique perspective on life. Go For Your... SPECIAL Onnit Podcast | Paul Chek on the Prostitute Architype Paul Chek talks with Kyle Kingsbury about the jobs or life that we lead that we may not enjoy or job we don't want to do. but, do it out of necessity. Go For... 16 #16 The Power Of Music, Dance and Sound with Porangui | Onnit Podcast Porangui stops by Onnit to talk about the importance of dance, movement and play and teaches us about the magic of sound and voice. Connect with Porangui on... 15 #15 How To Get Strong, Be Balanced, and When To Diet with Mark Bell | Onnit Podcast Powerlifter, Owner of Slingshot Powerlifting Gear and Host of The Powercast Podcast Mark Bell stops in to talk about training, ketogenic diet and what greatness... 12 #12 How To Get Back Up with Kyle Kingsbury | Onnit Podcast The Onnit Podcast Host and Onnit's Director of Human Optimization Kyle Kingsbury sits down for a solocast to talk about depression, drugs, Psychedelics and... 11 #11 Concussion Repair Manual with Dr. Dan Engle | Onnit Podcast Dr. Dan Engle has a wealth of knowledge on cognitive function and methods to heal the brain. He recently wrote The Concussion Repair Manual. This book is...
    10 #10 Mindset, Motivation and the Heart of a Champion with Kevin Ross | Onnit Podcast Bellator Champion Kevin "Da Soul Assassin" Ross sits down to talk about addiction, tackling fear and what it takes to become a Champion. Go For Your Win Discover... 9 #9 The Legendary Paul Chek | Onnit Podcast Paul Chek has been a leader and innovator in the health and wellness industry for decades. He's personally coached some of the greatest athletes in the world... 8 #8 Kettlebells, Breathwork and Working In with Mike Salemi | Onnit Podcast KB sports practitioner and Bulgarian Bag master Mike Salemi stops by to talk about kettlebells, breathwork and working out and inward. Go For Your Win Discover... 6 #6 Diet,Training and Goals with Dr. Andy Galpin | Onnit Podcast Dr Andy Galpin Author of "Unplugged" Evolve from Technology to Upgrade Your Fitness, Performance, & Consciousness sits down to discuss the importance of setting... 5 #5 Cannabis and Keto with 2 time Highland Games Champion Matt Vincent | Onnit Podcast Matt Vincent is a 2 time Highland Games World Champion. After retiring from competition Matt has become an advocate for Cannabis and low carb eating as tools... 144 #144 Bouncing Back From Adversity with Michelle Waterson | Onnit Podcast From come from behind championship victories, to heartbreaking losses, recent ESPN body issue cover model Michelle Waterson drops in to chat about the mindset... 143 #143 Happiness w/ Dr. Robert Puff | Onnit Podcast We've all got our problems and we all have our buttons. How can we have more control over our impulses and live a life of happiness? 142 #142 Turn Up The Volume | Onnit Podcast The results are in! Learn the results of the clinical trial conducted at Florida State University on Shroom Tech Sport as presented as an abstract at a National... 141 #141 The Minimalists with Josh Millburn | Onnit Podcast Take a look around you. Does all the stuff you're surrounded by add to your happiness? In this episode we talk with one-half of The Minimalists, Josh Millburn... 140 #140 Red Light Therapy | Onnit Podcast Curious about the benefits of Red Light Therapy? The founders of the Joovv light therapy device talk us through the benefits of light therapy including some...
    139 #139 What Your Poo Says About You | Onnit Podcast It sounds silly, but your time in the bathroom is a telling tale of what is going on in your body. In this episode, we flush out the facts on this solid but... 138 #138 You've Got Guts with Chris Kresser | Onnit Podcast In this episode, we talk with Chris Kresser, a globally recognized leader in the fields of ancestral health, Paleo nutrition, and functional and integrative... 137 #137 The Art of Manliness with Brett McKay | Onnit Podcast What defines a man in today's world has changed since the era of top hats and straight razor shaves. In this episode we talk with ArtofManliness.com founder... 136 #136 Diets In Check with Mike Dolce | Onnit Podcast We explore food failures and the principles to better eating with MMA's leading nutritionist Mike Dolce. 135 #135 Coconutgate with Aubrey Marcus | Onnit Podcast USA Today via the American Heart Association put out an article this week claiming that Coconut Oil is not healthy... and that it never was! In this episode... 134 #134 Just Breathe | Onnit Podcast You would think you've mastered breathing by your adult life. I mean, it's kept you alive this long right? There's more to it than that. Learn how breathing... 133 #133 Mark Bell Part 3 | Onnit Podcast In the final episode of the Mark Bell series we talk about pro wrestling training stories, John Cena, and his invention of the Slingshot. 132 #132 Mark Bell Part Two | Onnit Podcast In part two of the Mark Bell series we talk about the ketogenic diets and improving your friends circle in order to find success. 131 #131 Mark Bell Part One | Onnit Podcast Powerlifter, former pro wrestler, and inventor of the slingshot joins the podcast in this three-episode series. 130 #130 Blocks, Bands, and Chains: CJ McFarland | Onnit Podcast When you go to a gym, you may see a bunch of extras and attachments being used amongst workouts. But do you know what the benefits of these tools are? CJ McFarland...
    129 #129 Evolution 2.0: Perry Marshall | Onnit Podcast In this episode we talk about evolution, genetics, and even the touchy subject of religion with author of Evolution 2.0, Perry Marshall. 128 #128 Meat Head Roundtable: Christian Thibaudeau and John Rusin | Onnit Podcast The jacked duo of Christian Thibaudeau and John Russin join the THO Podcast to talk strength, diet, stress, and functionality in this meat head roundtable discussion. 127 #127 Know Your Kombucha: Greg Goodman | Onnit Podcast Kombucha has quickly become a trendy drink in the US thanks to the string of benefits it has on digestion and gut health. But how is it made and what should... 126 #126 Life of a Fighter: Tiffany "Time Bomb" van Soest | Onnit Podcast The Glory Women's Super Bantamweight Champion talks about the health, fitness and mindset that keeps her at the top of her game. 124 #124 The Tools of Recovery | Onnit Podcast Foam rollers, peanuts, balls, straps... You would think with that intro that this week's episode is about a dominatrix's toolbox. It's not, but it's some of... 123 #123 The Primal Swoledier | Onnit Podcast If you're an avid Joe Rogan listener, you may have heard a segment on a recent episode about Eric Leija - better known as the Primal Swoledier. In this episode... 122 #122 Steel Club Training | Onnit Podcast Learn the short history of club training, the different benefits that using steel clubs provide, and get a quick tutorial on some of the most popular movements. 121 #121 Loose and Mobile | Onnit Podcast Learn the importance of mobility, how it can keep you in the game (either your sport or the game of life) longer and pain-free with Cristian Plascencia. Plus... 120 #120 Practical Nutrition | Onnit Podcast We all know we need to eat better. What isn’t so clear is how to do it in the time-crunched, temptation-filled modern world. Author, lecturer, and nutrition... 119 #119 Finding Love | Onnit Podcast The umbrella of Total Human Optimization covers the quest for physical improvement in all its forms, but it also encompasses mental, emotional, and spiritual...
    118 #118 Strength For Life: John Wolf | Onnit Podcast How to build strength and muscle for the long haul. Onnit’s Chief Fitness Officer John Wolf joins THO podcast host Orlando Rios and Senior Content Strategist... 117 #117 Mind Pump | Onnit Podcast The guys from the Mind Pump Media Podcast join the show to discuss intuitive eating, staying wary of fitness marketing, and of course… Westworld. 116 #116 Cody No Love | Onnit Podcast UFC Bantamweight Cody "No Love" Garbrandt will face Dominick Cruz at UFC 207 for the Bantamweight title. In this interview, he talks about his route to professional... 115 #115 Ben Greenfield | Onnit Podcast We're talking creatine, bcaas, and digestion with Ben Greenfield. 114 #114 Let's Talk About Strength | Onnit Podcast In this episode, we're talking about the all-important subject of strength with Smitty of Diesel Strength. 113 #113 Back To Basics | Onnit Podcast Fitness doesn't have to be complicated! The guys from Zen Dude fitness stop by to talk about getting back to the basics with our health and fitness. 112 #112 The Fight For Your Body | Onnit Podcast Onnit Academy member Gordon Johnson at one point couldn’t walk to the other side of the gym without losing his breath. But with perseverance and a will to... 111 #111 The Spill on Krill | Onnit Podcast Fish oil capsules have long been the go-to option for enjoying the benefits of fatty fish without eating fatty fish, but over the last few years, krill oil... 110 #110 John Dudley | Onnit Podcast 13x Archery World Medalist and Multi-Time National Champion Master Archer John Dudley. 109 #109 Going Natural w/ Layne Norton | Onnit Podcast The worlds of bodybuilding & powerlifting are sometimes regarded as an impressive showing of performance enhanced strength. But there's a new wave of all-natural...
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