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    55 #55 Chris Bell | Human Optimization Hour with Kyle Kingsbury Chris Bell is an is an American director, producer, and writer, known for his documentaries Bigger, Stronger, Faster (2008), Trophy Kids (2013), Prescription... 54 #54 James Clear | Human Optimization Hour w/Kyle Kingsbury Entrepreneur, photographer, and Author of Atomic Habits, James Clear stops by to talk about habits and human potential. How we can reshape our identity, options... 53 #53 Harpreet Rai | Human Optimization Hour w/Kyle Kingsbury CEO of Oura Ring, Harpreet Rai drops in to talk about the space of Quantified self and the measurable things we do that can be tracked to help improve performance... 52 #52 Nick Pineault | Human Optimization Hour w/Kyle Kingsbury Author of the Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMF's, Nick Pineault drops by to take a deep dive into how advances in technology are effecting people and what's happening... 51 #51 Dr. Bruce Damer | Human Optimization Hour w/ Kyle Kingsbury Multidisciplinary scientist, designer and Author, Dr. Bruce Damer has devoted decades to the deep exploration of two fundamental questions of life: how the... 50 #50 Charlie "The Spaniard" Brenneman | Human Optimization Hour w/Kyle Kingsbury Charlie Brenneman is a former UFC fighter, Author and current host of the Spaniard 101 podcast. Listen to Spaniard 101 https://bit.ly/2N0XYRM Connect with... # 49 Tait Fletcher | Human Optimization Hour w/ Kyle Kingsbury Tait Fletcher is a professional Actor, CEO of Caveman Coffee, and host of the Pirate Life Radio. Caveman Coffee | https://bit.ly/2NVsTuT Pirate Life Radio... 48 #48 Dr. Dom D'Agostino | Human Optimization Hour with Kyle Kingsbury Dr. Dom has appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience, The Tim Ferris Show, and many others. He is one of the leading researchers in the field of ketogenic diets... 47 #47 Mind Pump | Human Optimization Hour with Kyle Kingsbury MindPump is one of the top fitness podcasts in the world. They have been dubbed the Howard Stern of fitness- pulling no punches when it comes to all that is... 46 #46 Eric "Primal Swoledier" Leija We sit down with one of Onnit's senior kettlebell instructors and discuss his path from being a chubby bookworm to becoming one of the biggest faces of Onnit...
    45 #45 Jim Kwik | Human Optimization Hour w/Kyle Kingsbury Jim Kwik stops by Onnit HQ to give some tips and tricks to improve brain performance in one of the most motivating episodes to date. Connect with Jim Kwik... 44 #44 John Baker | Human Optimization Hour w/Kyle Kingsbury John Baker drops in to talk about playing pro baseball, BJJ, psychedelics, mindfulness meditation, and all things the are good. Connect with John Baker: Twitter... 43 #43 Kyle Thiermann | Human Optimization Hour Tmann and I discuss life in big wave surfing, environmentalism, and doing what you love to change the world. Connect with Kyle Thierman Website: http://www... 42 #42 Ben Greenfield 2 | Human Optimization Hour The return of Ben Greenfield! Ben is one of the best trainers and biohackers in the world. We discuss how to cook the best steak on earth, hunting, and stem... 41 #41 Paul Chek 2 | Onnit Podcast The return of Paul Chek! We dive into what's happening to our soil, the importance of eating organic, and much more. Connect with Paul Chek Website | https... 40 #40 The Life Stylist Luke Storey | Onnit Podcast Luke Storey is a former junky, turned celebrity stylist, turned biohacker, and all around spiritual gangster. We dive into all sorts of meaningful action items... 39 #39 Max Lugavere Author of Genius Foods | Onnit Podcast We sit down with Max Lugavere author of Genius Foods and break down the impact of diet on cognitive function, the science behind brain foods, and how to optimize... 37 #37 Foundation Training | Onnit Podcast Dr. Eric Goodman, Jessie Salas and Dr. Emeka Aludogbu join the show to discuss what Foundation Training entails, the benefits, as well as the endocannabinoid... 38 #38 Todd White CEO of Dry Farm Wines Todd White is the CEO Dry Farm Wines- an organic/ biodynamic farmed wine that boasts only 1g carbohydrate per bottle. He is an avid meditator, does 22 hour... 36 #36 Dr. Craig Koniver | Onnit Podcast Dr Craig Koniver talks total human optimization through advanced medical, why western medicine is failing, and what we can do about it. Check Out http://www...
    35 #35 Shawn Wells and Ryan Lowery | Onnit Podcast Shawn Wells and Ryan Lowery sit down with us to discuss all things Ketogenic diets. https://ketogenic.com/ http://zonehalo.com/ Connect with Shawn Wells... 34 #34 John Dudley | Onnit Podcast We sit down with John Dudley and discuss how he got into archery and bow hunting peaking into his mind to see what has made him one of the best hunters in the... 33 #33 Rob Wilson | Onnit Podcast Art of Breath Co-Founder Rob Wilson talks breath work, martial arts, and surfing. Connect with Rob Wilson Instagram | https://bit.ly/2Gf6xQD Power Speed Endurance... 32 #32 Noad "Neo" Lahat | Onnit Podcast Bellator featherweight Neo Lahat talks MMA, the mindset of the fighter, how his training has evolved throughout his career and the ways medical marijuana has... 31 #31 Aaron Alexander | Onnit Podcast We sit down this week with Aaron Alexander a second time to uncover much more than movement this go round. Aaron Alexander Instagram https://www.instagram.com/alignpodcast/... # 30 The medicine Wheel with Anahata | Onnit Podcast Anahata is an incredible teacher and mentor of mine. She performs healing ceremonies in shamanic traditions as well as breaks down psychology and mindset in... 29 #29 - Beyond the Barbell with Mike Bledsoe | Onnit Podcast Mike Bledsoe is the Host of The Bledsoe Show and co-host of Barbell Shrugged Podcast. We sit down and discuss all sorts of things related to mentality and inner... 28 #28 Cofounder and CEO of Paleo Fx Michelle Norris | Onnit Podcast We sit down the Michelle Norris and dive into the creation of Paleo FX, ayahuasca, and creating balance. Check out Zerogravitysoul.com Get 10% off Onnit Supplements... 27 #27 - John Wolf Talks Onnit's Six Week Transformation | Onnit Podcast Onnit Cheif Fitness Officer John Wolf joins to talk about the creation of Onnit's new six week workout program called the Onnit 6. Connect with John Wolf Instagram... 25 #25 - Unconventional Bodywork with Dr Beau Hightower | Onnit Podcast We sit down with Dr Beau Hightower, a leader in unconventional bodywork, to discuss a myriad of ways to keep the body running at peak performance. Check out...
    22 #22 - Jesse Burdick talks Power, Movement and Sleep for a Better Life | Onnit Podcast Jesse Burdick started PowerWOD- an all encompassing system and approach to powerlifting. Jesse has been on the forefront of all things strength and is one of... 24 #24 EXOS Vice President of Nutrition and Research, Amanda Carlson-Phillips | Onnit Podcast This week we sit down with Exos Vice President of Nutrition and Research, Amanda Carlson-Phillips to discuss the new partnership with Onnit. Exos on Facebook... 23 #23 - Own The Day with Aubrey Marcus | Onnit Podcast We sit down with Aubrey Marcus, CEO of Onnit, to discuss his new book "Own The Day, Own Your Life" Check out Own The Day, Own your life http://bit.ly/2Feqnje... 21 #21 - A lifelong pursuit of Martial Arts with Rafael Lovato Jr | Onnit Podcast We sit down to discuss a life long practice of martial arts, the rise of Brazilian Jui Jitsu, transitioning to MMA, and the best practices for recovery and... 20 #20 Hanging with fitness gurus and friends MindPump | Onnit Podcast Sal Distefano, Adam Schafer, and Justin Andrews comprise MindPump. A group of fitness enthusiasts who explore everything involved in human optimization. Their... 19 #19 MMA Legends Bas Rutten and Duane "Bang" Ludwig | Onnit Podcast We sit down with two legend of MMA to discuss coaching, acting, and healing damaged brains. Go For Your Win Discover Your Mission // Train Essential Skills... 18 #18 Strength, Ego and What Really Matters with Brandon Lilly | Onnit Podcast Brandon is a retired powerlifter who loves being strong but has shifted towards the exploration of consciousness and finding answers to the big questions. ... 17 #17 - The importance of Flow States and Accountability with Andy Stumpf | Onnit Podcast Andy Stumpf, retired Navy SEAL, Skydiver, Wingsuit, and Basejumper and host of the Cleared Hot podcast, shares his unique perspective on life. Go For Your... SPECIAL Onnit Podcast | Paul Chek on the Prostitute Architype Paul Chek talks with Kyle Kingsbury about the jobs or life that we lead that we may not enjoy or job we don't want to do. but, do it out of necessity. Go For... 16 #16 The Power Of Music, Dance and Sound with Porangui | Onnit Podcast Porangui stops by Onnit to talk about the importance of dance, movement and play and teaches us about the magic of sound and voice. Connect with Porangui on...
    15 #15 How To Get Strong, Be Balanced, and When To Diet with Mark Bell | Onnit Podcast Powerlifter, Owner of Slingshot Powerlifting Gear and Host of The Powercast Podcast Mark Bell stops in to talk about training, ketogenic diet and what greatness... 12 #12 How To Get Back Up with Kyle Kingsbury | Onnit Podcast The Onnit Podcast Host and Onnit's Director of Human Optimization Kyle Kingsbury sits down for a solocast to talk about depression, drugs, Psychedelics and... 11 #11 Concussion Repair Manual with Dr. Dan Engle | Onnit Podcast Dr. Dan Engle has a wealth of knowledge on cognitive function and methods to heal the brain. He recently wrote The Concussion Repair Manual. This book is... 10 #10 Mindset, Motivation and the Heart of a Champion with Kevin Ross | Onnit Podcast Bellator Champion Kevin "Da Soul Assassin" Ross sits down to talk about addiction, tackling fear and what it takes to become a Champion. Go For Your Win Discover... 9 #9 The Legendary Paul Chek | Onnit Podcast Paul Chek has been a leader and innovator in the health and wellness industry for decades. He's personally coached some of the greatest athletes in the world... 8 #8 Kettlebells, Breathwork and Working In with Mike Salemi | Onnit Podcast KB sports practitioner and Bulgarian Bag master Mike Salemi stops by to talk about kettlebells, breathwork and working out and inward. Go For Your Win Discover... 6 #6 Diet,Training and Goals with Dr. Andy Galpin | Onnit Podcast Dr Andy Galpin Author of "Unplugged" Evolve from Technology to Upgrade Your Fitness, Performance, & Consciousness sits down to discuss the importance of setting... 5 #5 Cannabis and Keto with 2 time Highland Games Champion Matt Vincent | Onnit Podcast Matt Vincent is a 2 time Highland Games World Champion. After retiring from competition Matt has become an advocate for Cannabis and low carb eating as tools... 144 #144 - Michelle Waterson Bouncing Back From Adversity | Onnit Podcast From come from behind championship victories, to heartbreaking losses, recent ESPN body issue cover model Michelle Waterson drops in to chat about the mindset...
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