We’ve put out tons of recipes this year, and we have rounded up our most delicious and nutritious recipes of 2014 so that you can whip them up yourself. Use these 10 healthy recipes to get fit in 2015 and start off the new year right!

1. The Best Tasting Low Carb Pizza You Will Ever Make

Cauliflower Pizza Recipe

Pizza by far is the greatest food concoction ever created. It is also can be one of the most unhealthy. Delivery pizzas are loaded with calories, carbs and fat. Having more than a couple of slices in a sitting can start to hurt your health and can easily add some flab to that body.

2. Mike Dolce Champion Chili Recipe

dolce champion chili

It’s hard to imagine that chili can be good and good for you, but this recipe is just that. Mike Dolce’s book has tons of great recipes that some of the biggest athletes eat every day. Make sure to check out his books and learn more recipes at DolceDiet.com. Below is the recipe for Champion Chili as found in the Living Lean Cookbook.

3. The Dolce Diet Skinny Sumo Stir Fry

skinny sumo stir fry

Giving you full access to his own kitchen, Mike explains his simple but delicious recipe, “Skinny Sumo Stir Fry with Chicken.” It is the exact recipe he wrote about in Fighter’s Only Train Hard Fight Easy Magazine.

4. Cilantro Lime Shrimp Recipe

cilantro lime shrimp recipe

Cilantro and lime combine to make a delicious summer seafood dish with tropical flavor.

5. No Joke Organic Grassfed Tostadas

No Joke Tostada Recipe

Mexican food is super delicious but for the most part really unhealthy. So how can we enjoy the delicious taste of mexican cuisine without putting all that junk in our bodies? The answer is to use quality ingredients and make it yourself.

6. Grass-Fed Caribbean Steak and Vegetables with Coconut Rice Recipe

caribbean steak

Take a dinner vacation to the Caribbean with this Onnit and Dolce Diet approved recipe featuring grass-fed steak, peppers, and coconut brown rice.

7. Honey Ginger Chicken Wings Recipe

honey ginger chicken wing recipe

Try these delicious, baked chicken wings that are sure to score big!

8. Haunt Your Dreams Turkey Burger Recipe

Turkey Burger Recipe

We’ve all had the midweek cheeseburger craving, but you must not ruin your progress with one bad fast food meal.  The quality of meat, the sodium, and who knows what else they put in those burgers these days is not good for you and you know it.  Luckily our feathered friend the turkey offers a great alternative with ingredients that you most likely have in your house.

9. Healthy Spicy Thai Salad Recipe

Spicy Thai Salad Recipe

This healthy Spicy Thai Salad plate will have your taste buds kicking with a perfect combination of healthy ingredients like chilies, mushrooms, cilantro, and coconut oil.

10. Hearty Lentil Salad Recipe

Hearty Lentil Salad Recipe

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland! The Warm Herb Lentil Salad with Wilted Kale plate will have tantalize your taste buds with a perfect combination of healthy ingredients to keep your performance at optimal levels!