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Travis Brewer

Travis Brewer is a fitness ninja and entrepreneur on a mission to spread positive energy though movement. His dedication to movement has led him to become a finalist on the hit TV Show American Ninja Warrior on NBC; as well as a World Callisthenic.org Champion of the “Battle of the bars” competition. He is certified as an instructor in Animal Flow, Arco Yoga Fitness, and was requested as featured parkour instructor on The Tim Ferris Experiment by Tim himself. Beyond teaching, Travis enjoys speaking and performing acrobatics. He has been invited to speak on popular health and fitness podcasts, performed at the largest fitness expos in the world, at the halftime show of an NBA game, and the circus group Luccent Dossier. Travis’ other great passion is philanthropy and inspiring others to move toward their passion. He is sponsored by #besomebody, “The world platform for passion”. He is also the founder of his own motivational lifestyle brand Pimovement.ninja which helps raise money and awareness for fitness parks and playgrounds around the world. Join him on his journey and learn more at www.TravisBrewer.ninja

My life’s mission is to improve everyday; to be the best I can be physically, mentally, and spiritually. With Onnit's mission of Total Human Optimization, my values are mirrored. With their help, I'm able to reach a higher peak in my performance than ever before.
– Travis Brewer
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