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Shane Heins

Prior to joining Onnit as Director of Fitness Education, Shane Heins founded and owned Dare To Evolve, a coaching business offering transformational training programs that use fitness as a vehicle to support the process. Unconventional tools & methods, have played a major role in the delivery of his services through a variety of formats including; in person, online, downloadable products, workshops & seminars and the international education team of another organization.

While also serving as Steel Club Master Coach, Shane’s primary role has been the evolution of the Onnit Academy Longevity & Performance Fitness System, development of the certifications & education, and support/growth of the coaches & teams that teach. His passion for empowering all those who walk through Onnit’s “doors” feed the heart of an ever expanding community!

#122 Steel Club Training | Total Human Optimization Podcast
#122 Steel Club Training | Total Human Optimization Podcast
Improve, optimize, unleash. Discover, contribute, empower. Taking life to these next stages of your potential, you must let your spirit be daring. Dare to: challenge, be vulnerable, fail, be remarkable, face discomfort, grow, be authentic. Release the safe you of yesterday and embrace, today, the extraordinary you of tomorrow. Dare to Evolve!
– Shane Heins
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While words like ‘zen’ or ‘grounded’ or ‘calming’ are commonly used to describe me, the energy that feeds my drive is quite fiery! So consistent physical and mental energy or focus are not an issue. On the other hand, getting optimal sleep for better recovery, is. That’s where New MOOD® has been a game changer! It helps me drop in deeper for higher quality sleep, leaving me with greater clarity and spunk coming into each new day.
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Just because we are striving to live a more optimized life, doesn’t mean it can’t get derailed. Especially facing the dichotomy of all the work that goes into helping as many others do the same. So during those times when I get run down, a boost of support to the immune system goes a long way as I work to get back in harmony. I’m not a fan of using medications that simply hide the symptoms. I’d much rather empower the body to heal itself on a deeper level. Shroom Tech® IMMUNE helps me do just that.
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Are you going to eat that fat?’ My family will laughingly say this when doing an impression of me. It’s funny to them because it’s contrary to what they hear from so many others. Could it be my having grown up amongst the Aboriginal cultures of the Arctic? Or is it because fat is a major contributor to the function of our body’s systems? Let’s say it is both. Finding a high quality fat source (in this case animal) is hard to find. Especially if you are looking for one in capsule form. Onnit’s Krill Oil takes the cake. I feel great when using it. And it tastes great too! Without the fishy burps!!