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Scott Stallings
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Scott Stallings is a pro golfer from Knoxville, TN, with three wins so far on the PGA Tour. In college, he played for Tennessee Tech, earning All-American honors in 2006. Stallings once walked the fairways at a staggering 250 pounds, but a commitment to fitness and nutrition helped him slim down to 195. In 2020, Golf Digest even described him as the “fittest” player on the tour. Stallings says Onnit’s core values align with his own, as he believes in striving to be the best version of himself every day. Stallings has been married to his wife Jennifer since 2007, and has two kids—Finn and Millie.

Onnit has created a culture where everyone is striving to find the best version of themselves everyday. Whether you’re at home, at work, or in the gym, Onnit can give you the tools to help you get there.
– Scott Stallings
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