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Sarah Jamieson

A lifelong athlete, Sarah Jamieson spent 17 years as a competitive marathon runner, using the power of her sport to raise nearly 2 million dollars for over 57 organizations worldwide through her community initiative: RUN4ACAUSE. She has brought that same drive professionally founding Moveolution, a Vancouver based company providing industry-leading tools in corrective movement, unconventional training modalities and recovery. Bridging the gap between clinical intervention to performance, Sarah offers coaching programs in-person and online including pre/postnatal fitness and wellness, law enforcement/military personnel injury prevention, professional development and more. All the while, bringing a high level of passion to the Onnit Academy Education Team as the Master Coach for Durability.

She holds certifications through Functional Movement Systems, Agatsu Kettlebell, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Level 4 YogaFit Certification, Heart Rate Variability Consulting and the Onnit Academy.

Optimizing health and performance starts with challenging your body and mind. Onnit provides this foundation through high quality Nootropics to unconventional modalities, all of which promote a pain free system for long term resilience.
– Sarah Jamieson
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