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Sal Alosi

Sal Alosi is in his second year at UConn, joining the men’s basketball staff in May, 2018, as the Director of Human Performance, responsible for the physical, nutrition, and wellness aspects of the men’s basketball program.

Alosi comes to UConn after six years as the strength and conditioning coordinator for the UCLA football program, where he helped develop 31 NFL draft picks, including six first round selections. Players consistently scored PRs at the NFL Combine each year after working with Alosi.

Alosi also oversaw the UCLA football nutrition program and worked closely with the medical and training staffs to develop programs pertaining to injury prevention and injury reconditioning.

At UCONN, Alosi oversees a 24 hour performance program focusing on improvement of athletic performance and recovery for each basketball student-athlete. The program is designed to optimize human performance by addressing nutrition, sleep quality, travel logistics, and restoration strategies along with the preparing the team for the physical demands of the sport.

Alosi has competed in drug-free powerlifting since 2009 with United States Powerlifting (USAPL) and currently teaches and trains jiu-jitsu within the Gracie University system based in Torrance, California.

Sal launched Alosi Human Performance in 2019 where he provides athletic based strength training to private clients in the Hartford, Connecticut area. AHP also offers digital programming and consulting services accessible through their website: alosihp.com

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– Sal Alosi
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