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Ollie Richardson

Ollie is currently Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Kubota Spears and former Strength and Conditioning Coach and Rehabilitation Manager for Australian Rugby the Queensland Reds. Having previously worked in similar roles with English Premiership winning side Leicester Tigers and the English national rugby team, Ollie has multiple years of experience with team sports. Ollie has also worked with some of the best MMA talent to come out of the UK, providing performance management support to Dan Hardy, Dean Amasinger, Andre Winner, Jimmy Wallhead, Rosi Sexton, Paul Daley and Jiu Jitsu world champion Victor Estima. He has also recently started consulting to Lloyd Irvin standout, Jimmy Harbison.

Alpha BRAIN is without doubt a hugely beneficial tool to aid mental clarity and concentration.
– Ollie Richardson
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So much nutritional support is often concentrated on an athlete's physical requirements, however as anyone in elite sport will tell you, the cognitive health and abilities of an athlete are often the key component that distinguishes the elite from their peers. Alphabrain is without doubt a hugely beneficial tool to aid mental clarity and concentration, these enhanced cognitive abilities are synonymous with physical gains.