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Maurice Allen

Maurice Allen is a long Drive competitor ranked in the top three in the world. He has been one of the key faces of the sport of long Drive since 2012. In the summer of 2017 he became the most noted person in the sport after a win Denver where he gave a Ric Flair impression what was heard around the world of sports. Since then he has been covered by media outlets such as Espn, USA Today, bleacher report, barstool sports, Sky sports, golf digest and golf channel Just to name a few.

Maurice has a very extensive sports background he played football, baseball, volleyball, soccer and track and field. This sports background allows him to bring the same attitude and swagger seen in so many other sports to the game of golf and sport of Long Drive. That alone has captivated audiences across so many different genres, because of his connection with people.

In 2017 Allen won three tour titles (Tennessee Shootout, mike high showdown, and Catawba classic) which catapulted him from the #9 ranked player in the world to #1. In 2018 look for maurice to bring an electric and exciting personality.


  • 10 long drive tour wins
  • 2 time European long Drive tour champion
  • World long drive tour champion
  • Former Guinness world record holder
  • Former world #1 ranked player
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– Maurice Allen
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