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Marcus Martinez

Marcus Martinez became a certified personal trainer in 2001 and hasn’t stopped learning, innovating and creating. He fell in love with methods such as kettlebells, calisthenics, rings, Indian Clubs and more, for their ability to create stronger, leaner, more resilient athletes in record time.

Founding MBody Strength in 2008, Marcus has worked with clients ranging from stay at home mom’s to elite levels of strength and conditioning, including UFC fighters, Secret Service agents, top level athletes, military personnel and more. He has continued to expand his contribution to the masses through the creation of the Kettlebell Difference and his role as the Onnit Academy Kettlebell Master Coach. His biggest inspiration are his children.

#94 The Kettlebell Master | Total Human Optimization Podcast
#94 The Kettlebell Master | Total Human Optimization Podcast
The thing I love most about Onnit is the attention to detail. From the supplements to the equipment and everything in between I know that no matter what I get the quality is going to be amazing.
– Marcus Martinez
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Total Stength + Performance is my favorite amino supplement that does much more than help with my recovery. Since using it I can feel the difference in my strength, and my recovery time has also dropped significantly. I won't workout without it!
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I love Alpha BRAIN® for the focus-enhancing benefits. Since taking it regularly, I've seen a sharp change for the better in my retention of information and the ability to focus on a particular task at time.
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Shroom Tech® IMMUNE is one of my favorite immune-supporting supplements. With the stress of running a business, the hard training I put myself through, and three small kids, I can’t afford to be under the weather. Luckily, I have Shroom Tech® IMMUNE in my corner.