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Lee Kemp

Lee Kemp is arguably one of the most successful American wrestlers ever in United States history, achieving unparalleled success at the high school, collegiate and international levels. Lee owns a rare win over the legendary Dan Gable when he was only 18 years old, in only his fourth year of wrestling experience, and achieved his first World Championship in only his sixth year of wrestling experience. In fact, Lee Kemp is on every wrestling journalist’s short list of the greatest American wrestlers ever!
Lee Kemp was America’s first three-time World Champion, winning his first title in 1978 at age 21, establishing him as the youngest American world champion ever, a distinction he held for 38 years. Lee was a four-time World Cup Champion, 7-time United States Freestyle National Champion and was a heavy favorite for gold earning a berth on the 1980 United States Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Team, but was unable to compete because of the U.S. boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games that were hosted by the former Soviet Union (Russia).
Lee Kemp has been inducted into 7 athletic and achievement Halls of Fame, most notably Lee was inducted into the United World Wrestling (UWW) International Wrestling Hall of Fame at a ceremony at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, where Lee was also coach of the United States Freestyle Wrestling Team.
Currently, Lee Kemp is the subject of a film documentary on his life, entitled Ghost & Goblins, that is in production. Lee is in demand as a wrestling clinician, keynote motivational speaker and can often be seen on wrestling broadcasts as an analyst for ESPN.

I have always believed that great nutrition was absolutely essential in the success I had in my athletic career. I also believe it’s absolutely essential in my ability to maintain great health and longevity now at 60 years old. I’ve studied nutrition for a long time, even having my own nutritional company for several years, and I’m impressed with ONNIT’s dedication to supporting optimum human performance through leading edge, evidence based nutritional products, using completely natural “Earth Grown Nutrients”. They are speaking my language and I’m honored and proud to be a part of the ONNIT PRO Team.
– Lee Kemp
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