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Lando Vannata

An athlete and a fighter from the get go, Lando Vannata; avid trampolinist, victor and victim of countless recess tussles, and two-time BMX National Champion by the age of six, fell in love at the young age of eleven, and decided to dive headfirst into an unknown rabbit hole called Mixed Martial Arts.

At thirteen he began training in BJJ and began wrestling as a sophomore in high school. When he was sixteen he took a month long trip to the world-renowned Jackson’s MMA, and he caught a glimpse of his future for the first time. He came up short of his goals in high school, walking away from the wrestling state tournament with a 5 th place medal his senior year. Still determined to capture gold he rushed off to wrestle at a D1 college, but didn’t last long.

One semester in and he decided to get out. A lover of learning and a lover of wrestling, but not one to fancy rigid environments and piles of debt, he left to Albuquerque, NM and never looked back. Five years later he’s still there day-in and day-out at the new JacksonWink Academy. The victor of eight straight professional bouts, with seven finishes and three KO’s to his credit. He says his fighting style is one of a kind, his own personal fingerprint in the sport, describing it as a blend of creativity, unpredictability, efficiency, power and a distinct mindset he calls a “savage-calm.”

Lando is now 4 fights deep in the UFC and has garnered a performance bonus in each one of those fights! He has quickly become a fan favorite for his unique style and exciting fights.

Lando Vannata lands a turning hook kick KO

Aside from Onnit products boosting my awareness in practice and my performance in the cage, it’s nice to be backed by a company with similar principles; health through food, optimization through supplements and complexity in movement.
– Lando Vannata
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