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Ken Block

Ken Block is a world famous, accomplished professional rally car racer. His talent and knack for car control have helped him dominate races, break a car jumping distance record in 2007, win five X Games medals and conquer the world of viral Internet videos with his Gymkhana franchise of films. Block has racked up almost 300 million views on the franchise and has been awarded multiple marketing/advertising awards for the series. Ken is also the premiere driving force behind the sport of rally breaking into the mainstream within the United States in recent years and on a daily basis continues to push what’s possible within the world of marketing and motorsports through his personal racing team, Hoonigan Racing Division.

People may not realize this, but I train hard for my driving! It's not just about seat time in the car, it's about what you do outside of the car to make yourself the best you can possibly be against the competition. For myself, that means relentless training through a mixture of disciplines: Muay Thai Kickboxing, cardio, snowboarding, downhill mountain biking and countless exercises that focus on fast-muscle reaction training and mental alertness. One of the reasons I'm able to train so hard and see such positive results on the track is because I rely on Onnit for my supplemental needs. The products are great and I consider them a valuable part of my training regimen. I also use their training tools in my workouts. My kids love it when they catch me working with the Onnit kettle bells since they look like gorilla faces!
– Ken Block
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