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Justin Flores
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Justin Flores is the current head coach of the USA Judo team, and was instrumental in developing former UFC champion Ronda Rousey’s judo/grappling game. Flores is a three-time USA National Judo Champion, All-American wrestler, brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Fabio Santos, and is currently teaching at Legion AJJ with Keenan Cornelius. Flores has coached several high-level MMA fighters, including Cat Zingano, Dominick Cruz, and Jay-Jay Wilson.

I love Onnit products and trust them to enrich my extremely active lifestyle. This brand has helped me reach new levels of output, both on and off the mat.
– Justin Flores
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The day formula helps me begin the day on the right foot, and gives me a sense of clarity I wasn't able to achieve prior to taking this supplement earlier in my career.
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Right before I go to battle on the mat wrestling, doing Judo, or grappling, I make sure to ingest one serving. Soon after, I begin to enter a flow state, and my focus and output are in sync.
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I coach all over the world, so I’m always going to bed in different time zones. I make sure to never leave my melatonin spray at home. That way, I can fall asleep when I want to, no matter what time my body thinks it is.