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John Romaniello

John Romaniello (Roman) is a NYC fitness expert, author and angel investor. A 12-year veteran in the fitness industry, Roman has written dozens of articles for hundreds of magazines and website, ranging from Men’s Health to Fast Company, and serves as an advisor to several fitness and tech companies. As the co-author of Engineering the Alpha, Roman’s message is about teaching people to become the best version of themselves. He is also the lead fitness advisor to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Thanks to Onnit, my vegetarian clients are happy, my palate is happy, I’m writing more, I’ve got more focus, and I’m sleeping a lot better.
– John Romaniello
John Romaniello
John Romaniello Recommends
Buy Melatonin Spray - Mint
At the end of the night once you're done with your writing blitz or your workout, the Melatonin with Lemon Balm has been fantastic.
Buy Krill Oil
Like any person who trains hard, you have to pay special attention to certain nutritional needs. Krill oil is more than a healthy fat source, it's a compound that improves insulin sensitivity, helping to keep you lean and burn fat. Combined with StronBONE, it's been amazing for joint health. I can't recommend this highly enough.
Buy Alpha BRAIN
As a professional writer, I can tell you that Alpha BRAIN has been of inestimable value. It has been fantastic for focus without the jittery feeling caffeine gives. It's a nice clean focus without any noticeable detractions.†
Buy ViruTech
In addition to being a fitness pro, I’m also an exceptionally busy entrepreneur. I work long hours and sometimes don’t get enough sleep, both of which can be pretty taxing on your immune system. On top of that, I travel constantly speaking at seminars and events—so I’m exposed to a lot of germs. The combination of these two things means I could be prone to getting sick. In addition to eating a complete diet, the combination of EGN and ViruTech is the best one-two punch for staying healthy that I’ve found. EGN is a daily staple, and ViruTech is something I take anytime I feel a bit off, and every single time I travel.