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John Dudley

John Dudley is a leading professional archery and one of the highest respected archery coaches worldwide. He was introduced to archery over 30 years ago as a way to harvest organic wild game for his family. To better himself as a hunter, John started shooting competitive target archery and then turned Pro in 1997. Since then he has competed in hundreds of Professional events across the globe and serves on many Elite Professional Teams for industry leaders like Under Armour, Hoyt, and Easton. John has represented the US Archery team and won multiple medals representing Team USA. John is very active in the archery community and serves as an International ambassador for both competitive archery and bowhunting. John is a passionate and highly respected speaker, as well as, a technical writer for dozens of publications. John travels the globe conducting educational compound archery training seminars for National and Olympic teams, as well as, clubs and retailers. He focuses on using his experience with competition, training and coaching to help educate other hunters through his TV show, Nock On TV, or on his highly respected Nock On Podcast. Through all of his archery endeavors he has had a lifelong dedication for fitness, clean eating and credits his commitment to health and clean supplements for his success.

Professional Accomplishments:
– APA Rookie of the Year
– IBO National Champion
– NABH National Champion
– AZ International Gold Medallist
– European Grand Prix Gold medallist
– British National Indoor Champion
– Australian Field Championship Gold Medallist
– Arnold Classic Champion
– US Open Silver Medallist
– US Open Gold Medal Team
– World Field Championship Sweden Bronze Medallist
– World Field Championship Croatia Silver Medallist
– US World Games Team Member
– 45 Career Top 3 Professional finishes

#110 John Dudley | Total Human Optimization Podcast
#110 John Dudley | Total Human Optimization Podcast
For over two decades I have focused on taking care of both my mind and body. I have continually searched for products that push the bar in finding pure resources for optimal results. Since getting ONNIT I have feel completely cleansed and have seen instant results from being clear from refined products, chemicals and cheap sugars that is everywhere else on the market. There’s no doubt this is where all serious health enthusiast need to be.
– John Dudley
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Through archery I have filled 3 passports traveling the world. Living healthy on the road can be tough. The Total Human® day and night packs make it so easy to travel and take the guess work out of supplementing my body perfectly regardless of what foods are available. I get energy in the day and totally get the rest and rebuild I need at night. I wish I had these 20 years ago.