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Jodie Esquibel

I entered the world of martial arts at the young age of 14. I walked into World Champion kick boxer, Mike Winkeljohn’s gym not knowing what to expect. Not knowing that day would change my life. I had found the single most inspiring thing in the world, martial arts. I am so thankful that my parents happened to pick that gym to try first. That was the first and it will be the last coach that I will ever train with. Mr. Winkeljohn has been a mentor to me, in and outside of the ring.  After eight months of learning technique and conditioning, Mr.Winkeljohn asked me to try my first amateur fight.  After the first win, that first time in the ring, my world was introduced to a new desire. The desire to get back in there, get better, train harder I had found a new fire that to this day burns brighter than ever. I continued to fight as an amateur for a few years and then it came time to turn professional in 2004. I made my boxing debut and became a professional athlete. I  have traveled all over the world competing for world titles as far as Korea. There has been a standing relationship with long time friends Mike Winkeljohn and Greg Jackson. There was a merge into one gym combining teams with Greg Jackson. Now how was I supposed to escape the “ground game” we were at the same gym? For awhile I held true to my kickboxing roots not attending the grappling classes, but one can only say no for so long! I was at the best school in the world, why was I not taking advantage of learning from the Greg Jackson. John Dodson UFC fighter was one of the guys that continued to give me a hard time for not going to wrestling. So I made the merge! I decided to round out my kickboxing/boxing with some ground game. I then made my MMA debut. Instantly discovering that MMA was my new passion. I started to attend every class that I could leaping out of my comfort zone including classes at Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu, learning under world known professors Barata, Tussa, and Ortega.  As my hard work is paying off, I now hold the honor of an official Invicta FC signed athlete the biggest women’s MMA organization in the world. Currently the number 5th ranked in the world in the atom weight division. I stay active continuing to learn everyday and keeping that fire alive that started over 14 years ago.

When I was 19 I was also in hot pursuit of another childhood dream, becoming a fire fighter. That which I also accomplished and about five years into my career, I went to paramedic school. Completing the schooling and becoming a nationally registered paramedic.

The sacrifices that are made to pursue their dreams are countless. It is an amazing experience to witness the positive influence that mixed martial arts brings to peoples lives. I know that I am thankful for everything that martial arts has brought to my life, even if it is how to deal with a loss. The highs and lows of the sport has made me the person I am today I and I am forever grateful.

I believe in Onnit not just as a company but as a family! I am excited to join the amazing Honor Roll team and spread the love of Total Human Optimization. I am so thankful that there is a company who has the same vision for my training as I do. Every product is the highest quality!
– Jodie Esquibel
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Warrior Bars saved my life! True story. I was traveling back from an event and got delayed in the Las Vegas airport for 12 hours. I just happened to have a box with me and so I survived on water and eating Warrior Bars. Thank goodness! For that, I will always have a special place in my heart for them.
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