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Jermaine Brown

Jermaine Brown is among the best young track and field athletes in the world and is quickly making a name for himself in this sport today, due in large part of bevy of athletic accomplishments he has achieved at just 23 years of age. As a 200- meter and 400- meter specialist he has personal records of 20.28 200m outdoors, 20.59 indoors, 46.24 400m indoors, 6.62 60m indoors, 10.26 100m outdoors and Jamaica 300m indoors national record holder with a time of 32.91s. Other highlights as follow; 1x current World Record holder – 4x200m, 1x current NACAC Record holder – 4x200m, 1x World Records in career, 1x World Indoors championships Bronze medal. 7x Jamaica National Senior trials and Olympic/World Championships qualifier.

Onnit Podcast #22 with Jermaine Brown and Bryn Davis
Onnit Podcast #22 with Jermaine Brown and Bryn Davis
I am always looking to be the best in whatever I do. To be the best I have train to beat the best. In order to do that I have to take the best supplements that help me maintain a high level of fitness both physically and mentally. That's Onnit.
– Jermaine Brown
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