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Jen Sinkler

Jen Sinkler is a longtime fitness writer and personal trainer based in Minneapolis who talks fitness, food, happy life, and general health topics at her website, jensinkler.com. She regularly writes for a variety of national magazines, including Men’s Health and Women’s Health, and in 2014 released her first ebook, Lift Weights Faster, a collection of over 130 conditioning workouts for fat loss, athleticism, and overall health.
A lifelong athlete, Jen played rugby for 13 years, many of those on the U.S. national 7s and 15s teams. She now works with clients at The Movement Minneapolis, a facility that uses biofeedback training techniques. A fitness eclectic, she is an Onnit Level 1 certified trainer, a certified RKC II and KBA kettlebell instructor, and an Olympic weightlifting coach through USA Weightlifting. She also holds certifications through Primal Move, Progressive Calisthenics, CrossFit, and DVRT (Ultimate Sandbag).

#49 Girls Gone Strong with Jen Sinkler & Molly Galbraith
#49 Girls Gone Strong with Jen Sinkler & Molly Galbraith
Onnit is a fantastic company when it comes to both fitness education and nutritional supplements, and I look to them often on both fronts.
– Jen Sinkler
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