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Jayme Foxx

Jayme Foxx is recognized internationally as the TV Host for CMT’s Tattoo Titans, Zippo Encore, Nokia’s Royal Artist Club & Altitude TV’s show, Crazy Like a Foxx. In addition, this model turned host, has graced the pages and covers of numerous international magazines including the Cover of Inked Magazine, look books for high-end fashion designers, has been seen walking the runway for LA Fashion Week. She is a regular on The Jason Ellis Show on Sirius XM.

Nutrition has always been very important to me. Since going gluten-free a decade ago, I take careful notice to what I put in my body. Onnit is a company I trust and believe in, especially knowing they use all the best ingredients possible!
– Jayme Foxx
Jayme Foxx Recommends
Buy Plant-Based Protein - Vanilla
I love that Onnit now offers a plant based protein. It’s hard for me to enjoy protein shakes because most of them don’t taste great !!! (I won’t name any names) but with Onnit , it’s Nutritious AND delicious!
Buy Fatbutter® - Peanut Butter
Fatbutter®️ is one of my favorite treats from Onnit. Whether , I’m eating it by the spoonful or adding it to my protein shake. It adds a lot of tastiness and extra nutrients!
I am absolutely obsessed with the Gut Health packets. Being gluten free, I am always looking for ways to spruce up my digestive system! The pre & probiotic mix is so cleaning. Best one I have ever ever tried!
Buy Vitamin D3 spray with Vitamin K2 in MCT Oil - Grapefruit
The Vitamin D3 spray is genius! 5 sprays under the tongue then swallow in the morning and I'm good to go.
Buy MCT Oil
MCT Oil, where do I even begin?!! I love love LOVE this stuff. I eat it, cook with it, and I also use it as a part of my nighttime skincare regimen. Makes my skin so soft.