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Jared Watson

Jared Watson is the lead singer of Dirty Heads, a Southern California-based band with hip-hop, reggae, and rock influences. Known for their 2008 album, Any Port In A Storm, and its 2010 deluxe re-issue, which featured the hit “Lay Me Down,” Dirty Heads have released seven albums to date, and have gained a massive following for their summer tours. Jared credits mixed martial arts training, fitness, and surfing for helping him overcome addiction and mental health issues.

I'm always on the hunt to live life at my full potential—physically and mentally—and Onnit helps me do that.
– Jared Watson
Jared Watson Recommends
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I train, use the sauna, and play shows almost daily, so staying hydrated is extremely important, especially for my vocal chords. HYDRATech™ Instant helps me replenish what I’ve depleted. Plus, it tastes great.
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My knees, shoulders, and wrists have felt the effects after years of skating and surfing. I’ve noticed a difference while taking JOINT Oil. More range of motion and buttery joints.
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