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Hannah Eden
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Hannah Eden is a fitness entrepreneur, influencer, and philanthropist whose unstoppable drive to help others is making the world a better place. Eden drew international attention in 2018 when she biked and ran Iceland’s 828.6-mile Ring Road in just nine days to honor her best friend, Jessica Boswell, who passed away from cancer. Eden raised nearly $60,000 for cancer research and the Serene Soldier Foundation, a group founded in Boswell’s memory that works to give cancer patients and their families a happy Christmas.

In late 2015, at age 24, the London native founded PumpFit Club, a boutique studio located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL, where she hosts group classes that offer a unique approach to HIIT training.

You can work out with Hannah from anywhere in the world using her Daily Sweat program, HEF Training App, or individual Ebook Challenges, which are all available on her website, hannahedenfitness.com.

Being part of this savage team ignites my soul! ⁣⁣I am obsessed with unleashing my potential, and helping people around the world unleash theirs. Through fitness, I have discovered that we all have the ability to evolve physically, mentally, and spiritually. We can do the impossible. If our mind is strong, our body will follow...⁣⁣ I understand the power of the human body and what Total Human Optimization means. Through proper nutrition, fitness, and supplementation, anyone can be unstoppable.
– Hannah Eden
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I am all about balance in life, and that includes having respect for our environment. Plant-Based Protein works best for me, and I love that Onnit offers one that provides all the same benefits as a whey powder.
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I. Hate. Being. Jittery! Now I can fuel my workouts and begin the process of recovery without all the shaky side effects that caffeinated pre-workout drinks have. My motto is #PumpedAF, and Total Nitric Oxide still brings the heat to do just that!
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No matter what kind of athlete you are, hydration is KEY! Why not replenish your body with quality ingredients that also have a yummy taste? I ALWAYS keep Mineral Electrolytes in my bag and in my shaker.
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There’s no better way to get your mind firing on all cylinders than with this nootropic! I won’t start a day in the office without it.
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My days can get hectic pretty quickly, and my passion for providing my followers with quality workouts and information always consumes me. New Mood allows me to take my day down a notch and get into a restful state for proper recovery before I attack the next day head on!
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I love to cook my meals from scratch. Using quality ingredients is a must too! I love the blend of the different oils and if you like spice the “spicy” one brings the heat and I am OBSESSED! Whether you use them to cook your food or to drizzle over your salad or dish to finish, they are absolutely delightful!
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I use this every night before I go to sleep. I used to find it hard to “turn off” after work but now with the combination of new mood when I leave the office and the Melatonin spray once I get into bed I have no trouble falling asleep and sleeping like a baby.