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Evan Bourne

Matthew Korklan, wrestling as Evan Bourne, is a high-flying ring technician whose fast-paced intensity is quickly making him a force to be reckoned with throughout WWE. In 2008, Korklan blasted off into the WWE Universe, utilizing an exciting combination of Mexican, Japanese, and American training styles that has made him both a dangerous high-flyer and a sound ground technician.

I have been using Onnit products for over a year now. The top products used is Alpha Brain and Hemp Protein.
– Evan Bourne
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The Alpha BRAIN gives me that mental boost I need when I am training and covering events.
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One of my favorite Onnit products is Shroom TECH Sport. Sometimes I triple up on workouts: wrestling, yoga, then weight training. No pre-workout drink helped me though the day like those blue cordyceps pills! When my last set rolls around, instead of looking for excuses to put the weights down, I'm planning one last burn out set!
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Onnit's Warrior Bars are my go-to snack! If I'm traveling or just running around town, I always keep one handy so I can maintain my warrior focus throughout the day. For me, there isn't a healthier or more delicious bar. It's perfect!