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David Rickels

Born in Raleigh, North Carolina, and raised in Wichita. KS 10-0 Undefeated Pro MMA, 9-0 Undefeated Amateur trained primarily in Muay Thai and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu 2012. $100,000 Bellator Tournament Fighter.

To sum up my experience with Onnit labs I’d use the word incredible. From the performance enhancing Shroom Tech® SPORT to Alpha BRAIN® I love it all.
– David Rickels
David Rickels Recommends
Buy Shroom Tech® SPORT
When I’m in the cage sparring getting ready for my next fight I can always use some good clean energy. The Shroom Tech® SPORT really helps me find the 2nd and 3rd wind I need in those later rounds of conditioning.
Buy Warrior Bar
My caveman ancestors would proudly support this "Warrior Bar". This is ideal for anyone with an active grab-and-go lifestyle. Packed with protein and delicious!!
Buy Melatonin Spray - Mint
Melatonin is great for anyone who just needs that extra punch of sleep inducing awesomeness to get to bed. Many of nights I go to bed hungry cutting weight and this product helps tremendously!