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Daniel Leith

Daniel Leith, co-owner of Lockhart and Leith and partner at FitnessVT.com, is one of the most sought after weight management and performance nutritionists in the world. Recent clients include UFC Light Heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, 2 time UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold, as well as many others. Daniel’s passion for nutrition and advocacy for safe weight cutting procedures and proper oral rehydration flourished from growing up as a wrestler and marital artist himself. Daniel spent eight years in the Unites States Marine Corps as an infantryman and is a Bronze Star recipient with Combat “V”.  During his time in the Marine Corps, he became the subject matter expert in nutrition, where he instructed thousands of officers and enlisted marines at the Martial Arts Center of Excellence in Quantico, Virginia. Daniel is a Certified Combat Conditioning and Nutrition Specialist and has trained under some of the best minds in nutrition, strength and conditioning.

When I am working with the best fighters in the word, athletes who are the top .1% of their sport, details are what make all the difference. Absolutely everything has to be perfect and of the best imaginable quality and that is why I only use Onnit products with my fighters. Onnit goes above and beyond all others in their tireless effort to provide the best nutritional supplements on the market that are not only safe, but highly effective.
– Daniel Leith
Daniel Leith Recommends
Buy Shroom TECH Sport
I recommend Shroom Tech Sport to all my clients, the cordycepts help improve aerobic capacity and Ashwagandha to increase reaction time and focus. It is my go to pre-workout supplement for all my fighter’s long grueling workouts.
Buy Onnit Total Gut Health
Total Gut Health has it all! Not only are you getting not one but two types of probiotics to improve your gut’s micro biome, you also get prebiotic fiber to feed the bacteria that make up your micro biome. On top of that it includes one of my favorite Onnit products DigesTech to give you all the enzymes necessary for digestion. Total Gut Health is absolutely my favorite Onnit product. There is nothing like it available anywhere else.
Buy Krill Oil
Essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are excellent for brain and cardiovascular health and have been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. I love Onnit Krill Oil because while fish oil provides EPA and DHA, krill oil provides them in a more bio available form making it easier to absorb in the small intestine.