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Dan Hardy

My name is Dan Hardy, some people call me the Outlaw. I’ve been training in the martial arts since I turned six and competing in different styles ever since. I fell in love with Muay Thai and then MMA and have had about fifty professional fights, winning a good majority. I signed with the UFC in 2008 and won four in a row before facing Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight title. I lost by decision and then went on a bit of a bad streak losing another three. I took a year off and came back to win two fights before getting sidelined. Since then I’ve been working as a commentator for the UFC and traveling the world, trying to expand my mind and my capabilities.

My diet has evolved a lot over the years. Each training camp has forced me to scrutinize my intake of fuel and I've used a lot of different supplements with varying levels of success. I've finally found a company that I trust to make quality products I feel confident in using. Onnit is taking sport and food supplements into the 21st century, producing high quality, ethically sourced, evolved nutrition. I truly feel that my health and performance have improved since switching over to Onnit and would recommend them to anyone interested in their own wellbeing.
– Dan Hardy
Dan Hardy Recommends
Buy Shroom TECH Sport
Shroom TECH Sport is definitely one of my favorites. I like to use it before a hot yoga class as I find about an hour into practice, when I usually begin to struggle I'm able to push myself through the last few postures with energy and enthusiasm.
Buy Total Strength + Performance - Strawberry Lemonade
T+ has been a great help to my strength and conditioning sessions. I was skeptical when I first got it because I've never found a testosterone booster that works, but I feel a difference for sure. I'm recovering quicker and stronger than before and am definitely feeling impatient to get to the gym each day when I'm using it consistently.
Buy Earth Grown Nutrients - Black Cherry
Earth Grown Nutrients is another I use every day. I add it to my morning smoothie to give my body that boost of vital foods that I may miss in my regular diet during a busy day. It's also great for traveling as my diet often makes eating at hotels and restaurants difficult. That's usually when I need my nutrition to be on point and EGN is a huge help.