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Cory DeMeyers

Cory is Pro Parkour Athlete and movement innovator, pioneering new styles of moving in the Freerunning community. Not only is he the only American to win the Red Bull Art of Motion World Championship, Cory has Top 3 finishes in competitions across Europe, Canada, the USA including the Best Trick Award at the 2014 North American Parkour Championships. When he is not competing or jumping off buildings you can find him in some of Hollywoods biggest blockbuster Films & TV shows as a stuntman. Cory lives to create, moves to inspire others to follow their passions, and encourages everyone to find their Tru Freedom!



#75 Technology In Training | Total Human Optimization Podcast
#75 Technology In Training | Total Human Optimization Podcast
After implementing Onnit products into my training I was able to go harder, longer, and accomplish tricks that were out of reach before my new found strength, stamina & mental clarity.
– Cory DeMeyers
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Technical tricks & skills require razor sharp focus and Alpha BRAIN® is my go to for a high level of mental clarity in my training.
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