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Casey Williams

Casey Stewart Williams, born December 13, 1987, is a powerlifter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Currently, he holds the Bench Press, Deadlift, and Total Record in the IPA Junior Raw Division. He previously played football at Division 1- FCS Bucknell University and is now the Director of Powerlifting for Hybrid Athlete.

I have found I can maximize the time I spend in the gym because I'm more focused and less fatigued.
– Casey Williams
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Dollar for dollar the best product I've ever used in the supplement industry. Whether it's getting rid of the groggy morning feeling, grinding through a heavy workout, or recovering at night while I kill zombies in my dreams, Alpha BRAIN® impressed me from day one and is a staple in my daily supplements.
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I did my own analysis of Total Stength + Performance, long before the study results came out. I initiated supplementation and carefully logged my results. I noticed findings very similar to what the FSU team was able to demonstrate. But I guess now the secret is out, and I’ll just have to work a little bit harder. Fortunately for me, I’ve got a head start.
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My cardio consists of pushing and pulling weighted sleds and wheel barrows. There's a huge advantage for me when I can pack more work into fewer cardio sessions throughout a training cycle - Shroom Tech® SPORT allows me to do that and then some.
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You know that feeling you get when you sit down for dinner and there's a huge filet and loaded baked potato in front of you after a long week? — It's like Onnit put that in a pill, and that pill makes me happy.
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I cycle New MOOD® and Melatonin - four weeks on and two off, and my sleep is drastically better when I use New MOOD® with Melatonin. I use an app on my phone to monitor how calm and restful my sleep is every night, and it's been easy to pinpoint the effect both have had on my sleep.
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My daily training involves holding heavy weight, whether in my hands or on my back, and that takes a toll on my bones and joints. Stron BONE® has helped take away all the little aches and pains I’ve experienced and helps me push through tough training.
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This has sneaked into the #2 spot of my favorite supplements right behind Alpha BRAIN®. You need nutrients to recover, and I need to keep my bodyweight up. Weighing 230-250lbs takes a lot of food to maintain, especially when you're eating right. So DIGESTech® is HUGE in helping me with digestion after big post-workout meals, and it gets rid of the bloated feeling.
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I was excited to see VIRUTech® after taking Shroom Tech® IMMUNE for the last couple of years. I can't afford to miss training days. I cycle these two supplements together to optimally support my immune system.†
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I put MCT Oil in my coffee every morning. I don’t get the “2:30” feeling. And I feel like I'm optimizing my diet, which centers around the timing of quality fats and proteins.