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Carl Jocumsen

In his home land of Australia, Carl Jocumsen won all there was to win on the competitive Tournament Bass Fishing circuit. In 2010 Carl sold everything he owned and moved to the States to chase his dream of competing against the best in the world. In four years he made history by becoming the first Australian to make the top 100 in the world on the Bassmaster Elite Series and has five top 20 finishes to date. Bringing the fitness and athletic sides to competitive fishing has been a huge parts to Carl’s success. Showing kids that fishing is fun and cool, while motivating them to get active and outside is a huge part of his cause. Carl hopes his story will inspire more to do what they love.

Throughout my career I have always used the best of the best equipment to help me compete at the highest level. Over the past few years the same goes for my body and training. I endure long days on the water and so keeping my mind sharp and body in 100% physical shape helps me perform at my best. Onnit has everything I need to make sure that happens. Want to be the best? Get the best. Get Onnit.
– Carl Jocumsen
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