Adam Dowell
Adam Dowell

My name is Adam Dowell, and I’m a 27 year old professional snowboarder born and raised in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I grew up an athlete, playing almost every sport, but around high school is when I discovered that snowboarding was my niche. For a few years I traveled and did contests, winning several rail jams and slopestyles, but these days, filming in the back country is where I like to spend my time. Some of the major films I’ve been in are: The Bluebird Movie, Think Positive, Dobre Hombres, and AlpenHoff. With the current state of snowboarding it really takes a strong, healthy body to keep up with progression and the tole it takes. I’ve always been into training at the gym to be in the best shape possible, but recently I’ve taken it a step further. In the summer of 2012 I received my certification of an Iron-Core Fit Kettlebell Instructor. I teach classes when I can to share my knowledge with others, and I’m well on my way to soon becoming an ACSM (American College Of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer. With this being a new direction for me, I hope to inspire other people to train properly so they can enjoy as active of a lifestyle, as I have.

For someone who's very keen on the things I put in my body and the way I take care of my body, I can highly recommend all the products that Onnit makes.
– Adam Dowell
Adam Dowell
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Onnit's Total Primate Care packs are amazing. I work very long days as a personal trainer and a snowboarder, so when I know I have those big days I make sure to take my night and day packs because I know they'll make me feel my best. You definitely feel sharper mentally and I trust the combination that Onnit provides because they only use the best ingredients for their supplements.