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Aaron Guyett

Aaron Guyett is a husband, father, Onnit Master Coach, Marine Corps Staff Sergeant. Having founded/co-owned Innovative Results, a successful Costa Mesa, CA based fitness facility, Aaron has now directed his energetic focus towards spreading the benefits of battle ropes training and developing Leaders of Leaders worldwide. As the Battle Ropes Master Coach he is most excited help people develop mental, physical, and spiritual strength that they never thought possible, through the principles of force through frequency. An incredible coach that lives and breaths his often quoted, “next one, best one!”, Aaron’s warrior heart and mind become contagious for everyone around him.

Aaron’s qualifications and accomplishments include Onnit Master Coach and Contributor, Sponsored Onnit Athlete, Team USA Kettlebell (Holds four National records, 6th in World), Founder and Co-owner of Innovative Results 2005 – 2017, Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management, Masters in Leadership Studies, OKC Kettlebell Certified and Head Coach, Newport Harbor High School Strength and Conditioning Coach, Contributor to several Fitness and Leadership Periodicals and Blogs, NCCPT, TFW Certified, Original Strength Certified, ZUU and Ankorr Certified, AFPA Nutrition Certification, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, IKSFA Kettlebell Certified, Level 2 Battling Ropes Instructor, Decorated Marine Staff Sergeant.

Onnit provides a pathway to improving our human performance in every way through their amazing equipment, education, and products. I am thankful for Onnit being a huge part of my life!
– Aaron Guyett
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I love Total Primate Care (TPC), because it is better than just a plain old multivitamin. The TPC help develop better sleep, improved focus, improved performance, better digestion, and all around better mood and attitude! It is the best way to take nature's gifts, and immediately supply the body with what it needs.This is a must for me, because of my demanding schedule: athlete with the US National Kettlebell Sport Team with four National records, Onnit Battle Ropes Master Coach, Founder/Co-owner of Innovative Results, Marine Corps Staff Sergeant, husband, and father.
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Use T+ only if you want improved strength, better hormone structure, improved performance in and out of the gym. If you want to stay mediocre, do not take this product. Coming from someone who is: on the US National Kettlebell Sport Team with four National records, the Onnit Battle Ropes Master Coach, the Founder/Co-owner of Innovative Results, a Marine Corps Staff Sergeant, a husband, and a father, I use all the help I can take.
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Powerfood Active is first and foremost, DELICIOUS!! I love the taste, but I use it daily to keep me satiated for long periods of time, and ensure that I am ingesting enough protein and good fats for my highly active lifestyle and incredibly demanding sport.