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A Nutrient Based, Rejuvenating Drink Mix

Designed To Help The Body Recover

Onnit 180

Onnit 180

Turn it around.

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Onnit 180 is a totally unique combination of our flagship cognitive enhancer, Alpha BRAIN, mixed with unique, specialized nutrients to give your body a 180 degree revitalization boost. Combining the neurotransmitter support of Alpha BRAIN with the best adaptogens from Shroom TECH Sport, a little 5-HTP from New MOOD, and some minerals for the immune system, these nutrients play a key role in supporting multiple body systems for recovery from stress. Beyond those familiar Onnit ingredients, we wanted to add a few new specialized ingredients to round out the blend.

180 Helps with:

Cognitive Support

Mental rebound with ingredients from our flagship nootropic Alpha BRAIN™

Stress Reduction

With adaptogens and B-Vitamins from our performance boosting Shroom TECH Sport™

Energy Enhancement

Using tonifying natural ingredients without any caffeine or stimulants

Mood Support

Utilizing 5-HTP, a serotonin precursor found in New MOOD™

Immune function

Offering a combination of herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to help nourish a depleted system

Key Ingredients:

From Alpha BRAIN

Our flagship fully-balanced nootropic, Alpha BRAIN contains nutrients that help turn up acetylcholine levels full throttle, and assist in elevating neurological components vital to remaining calm, focused, and mentally driven.

Ingredients: Vitamin B6, Alpha GPC, Huperzia Serrata, Vinpocetine, AC-11®, Bacopa, Ptserostilbene, L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Oat Straw, Phosphatidylserine

Methylcobalamin (B12)

From Shroom TECH Sport

This superior formulation of B12 provides an excellent source of non-stimulant energy and helps the body to modulate circadian rhythm (your 24-hour clock), a particular benefit for those who travel frequently.


From New MOOD

A naturally occurring amino acid that helps the body produce more serotonin, contributing to your overall peace, tranquility, and positive mood.

Brand New Ingredients

Alpha Lipoic Acid
A fatty acid found naturally in every cell in the body, this acts as a strong antioxidant, helping your body to eliminate toxic substances.
Grape Seed Extract
A potent antioxidant, helps the body fight free radicals slowing you down.
Prized Ayurvedic adaptogen with non-stimulant cognitive energy benefits.
Sodium Bicarbonate
A little touch of baking soda when taken orally is highly beneficial to dehydrated muscles.

Why Take It?

We are frequently asked, “What is the best product to take for a hangover or jet lag?”

Until Onnit 180, we would respond with a recipe that was 2 pills Alpha BRAIN, 2 Pills Shroom TECH Sport, 1 New MOOD, and 1 Shroom TECH Immune with a tall glass of water. That combination was the ideal recipe for people fortunate enough to have those pills on hand, but not everyone had those products available, nor was that combination very portable. So the idea to create a drink mix was born.

The Alpha BRAIN component is to help clear away some of that brain fog, and sharpen up your neurotransmitters. The adaptogens in Shroom TECH Sport with the addition of Ashwagandha are excellent at helping the body recover from shock and stress. The 5-HTP in New MOOD helps battle the blues, and a little bit of zinc and other nutrients can help the immune system perk up. With those bases covered we decided to add a few more potent antioxidants like Grape Seed extract and additional pterostilbene to really combat the free radical burden. From there we wanted to add a touch of potassium iodide to help support the thyroid and sodium bicarbonate to get the muscles refueled with some electrolyte power.

We were able to crystallize these powerful nutrients and offer a pretty good taste (a mild, natural orange flavor) in a highly portable stick packet, ideal for travel. Powerful Onnit 180 was born.

When to Take It?

Before or after flying   •   To stay awake and alert   •   You are hungover
You have the blues   •   You need Alpha BRAIN to hit you fast

Onnit 180: The Turnaround Formula

The Onnit 180 Drink Mix combines the flagship Alpha BRAIN nootropic formula with additional vitamins, antioxidants, 5-HTP and the Indian herb, ashwagandha. Formulated for quick absorption, Onnit 180 provides the ideal combination to clear the mental fog and make a rapid recovery from hangovers, laborious travel, or sleep deprivation.

Prevention is Key

Nutrition, exercise, and adequate sleep are essential components that lead to good mental health and high cognitive functioning (source). However, a perfectly balanced lifestyle is challenging to maintain and we frequently find ourselves operating at less than 100%. Mental and physical fatigue can lead to poor performance and further irritability. One solution is to supplement your diet with vitamins and potent antioxidants that directly combat these symptoms. Onnit 180 includes neuroprotective antioxidants, such as AC-11, vinpocetine, and bacopa monniera, that help the body keep brain cells healthier, increase cerebral blood blood, and can aide in providing mental clarity[source, source, source].

Fight the flight

Cognitive impairment from air travel is almost certain when changing time zones[source]. Though jetlag can be unavoidable, other components of flying exacerbate jetlag symptoms. Stress and sleep disturbances have profound negative effects that can persist longer than the jetlag recovery. Phosphatidylserine has been shown to be a powerful supplement that helps the body attenuate the cortisol stress response, allowing athletes to perform better and individuals to improve their cognitive performance[source, source].

Cosmic radiation exposure by flying at high altitudes can become a concern for frequent travelers[source]. For example, the radiation exposure from a six hour flight can be approximately 400 times greater than walking through a TSA full body scanner. Although this amount of radiation is still below the hazardous limit, nutrition supplements can minimize the effects of airline travel. Onnit 180 includes the protective compounds potassium iodide, B vitamins, zinc, and Siberian Ginseng to help reduce the risk associate with radiation exposure[source].

Quick Turnaround

Onnit 180 contains essential neurotransmitter precursors for serotonin and dopamine that can help the body alleviate the irritability that accompanies mental fatigue[source, source]. Furthermore, Huperzine Serrata and Alpha-GPC can boost acetylcholine levels to elevate alertness and concentration[source, source]. The 180 formula uniquely contains the one of the most well characterized herbs in Ayuvedic medicine, known as ashwagandha. Also named Indian ginseng, ashwagandha exerts anti-fatigue and stress reducing effects and has been shown to improve physical performance in healthy adults[source]. Positive effects on the endocrine and cardiovascular systems by ashwagandha constituents can have rejuvenating effects for individuals of all ages[source].

Whether a red-eye flight or a long night of indulgence is the cause of your sub-optimal mental state, the Onnit 180 formula can help recharge the cognitive batteries and help the body accelerate the path to full recovery.


Onnit 180 is a totally unique combination of our flagship cognitive enhancer, Alpha BRAIN, mixed with unique, specialized nutrients to give your body a 180 degree revitalization boost. Combining the neurotransmitter support of Alpha BRAIN with the best adaptogens from Shroom TECH Sport, a little 5-HTP from New MOOD and some zinc for the immune system are key in supporting multiple body systems in recovery from stress. Beyond those familiar Onnit ingredients, we wanted to add a few new specialized ingredients to round out the blend.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Yep, it's baking soda, and when taken orally is highly beneficial to dehydrated muscles.

Potassium Iodide

Approved to protect your thyroid from nuclear radiation, this compound is all around good for your thyroid even when you aren’t traveling to Japan.

Grape Seed Extract

A potent antioxidant, this is going to fight free radicals like a mercenary army.


An extract from pterocarpus marsupium, this is useful in helping the body to regulate blood sugar levels.

When / how to take:

180 is not designed as a daily supplement, but specifically formulated to take specifically to help the body rebound from stressful situations such as the following:

For Flying:

Take 30 minutes prior to takeoff, and/or within 30 minutes of concluding your air travel. Should this window be less than 4 hours, stagger servings so that they are evenly spaced on either side of air travel at an interval of at least 4 hours. Warning: dramatic reduction in jet lag may incite increased travel to more exotic locations.

For Hangover:

Take immediately upon waking up with a tall glass of water. If desired, wait 4-6 hours and repeat. Say goodbye to your hangover.

For Pity Party:

Got the blues? Take a serving in a tall glass of water and go for a walk outside. By the time you get back you should be feeling like a warrior ready to face your challenges.

All Nighter:

We don’t need to know why you didn’t sleep, we just want to help you fix it. Take a serving to help you stay awake, and if you desire, one to help you recover after you finally get some sleep!

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