This course has been designed to provide the tools and systematic approach to optimize physical adaptations of power, strength, endurance, stability, and mobility through the use of battle ropes. This dynamic tool uses both gravity and frequency changes in the rope to uniquely load the body, creating an innovative way to improve all areas of physical performance.

Why master the Onnit Academy Battle Ropes System?

Normally we use tools that just amplify gravity’s effect on the body, so we can create nervous, muscular, and soft tissue development. With the Battle Rope, we can use its frequency (waves), or lack of frequency (static rope or rope pulls) to create a new force load through the nervous system, muscular system, and soft tissues of the body, thus amplifying results and allowing for innovation in programming.

If you are looking to increase your understanding of energy system development, cutting edge program methodologies, an innovative tool with endless possibilities, and the principles to total human optimization, Battle Ropes Specialist is the certification for you.

As a bonus, the teacher will deliver unforgettable stories and training scenarios to help solidify the programming, methodologies, development, and optimization techniques and skills, helping you become the hero of your own story.

This certification will tap into never before experienced focus, mental abilities, and physical abilities.

Learning Objectives

The Onnit Academy Battle Ropes Course teaches participants to:

• Manipulate force through the body to create mobility, stability, strength, power, and endurance gains/adaptations.

• Use gravity and frequency changes to increase nervous, muscular, soft tissue, and bone development and adaptations.

• Systemize your program development for increased results and decreased injuries.

• Design innovative approaches to movement and total human optimization.

• Use this low impact methodology with high impact results for power, strength, endurance, and stability.

• Train for improvement in functional movement patterns, while improving brain function and cognitive awareness.

• Apply mental awareness and positive approaches to your inner dialogue, daily habits, personal development, and professional achievements.

• Use unforgettable stories and language in your daily interaction, to help optimize your life.

• Understand ways to best employ the Battle Rope in your training sessions for improved physical and mental development.


Force is most normally associated with gravity, and its amplified effect through traditionally weights and weight lifting techniques.

This completely changes as we create a new force through rope frequency or waves. The force through frequency of the Battle Ropes allows the user to develop a completely new realm of exercises and movement patterns to develop power, strength, endurance, efficiency, stability, mobility, and the list goes on.

Join the limitless options of the Battle Ropes by taking this certification.


• No prerequisite required to attend this Specialist course of the Onnit Academy Longevity & Performance System.
• The Foundations Certification course is highly recommended as a precursor to this Onnit Academy Battle Ropes Specialist Certification course.


$995US – General Admission


Have you ever thought what it would be like to harness the Force?

Get ready to step onto a training ground which opens that potential in a very real way.

In the realm of fitness and training, Battle Ropes have primarily been used as a conditioning tool. While the ropes are not overly heavy, it doesn’t take long for you to feel the effects of moving with them.

In literally less than a minute, most feel winded and fatigued.

A major reason is force must constantly be generated to keep the Battle Ropes moving. There is no point of rest or momentum that can be used to assist the movement.

If you stop, it stops.

As a result, the impact of the force feedback you receive has great variability based on what you put in.

What you give, it gives back.

By understanding what changing the frequency does for the adaptive response you get out of working with Battle Ropes, you start being in control of where you take your training to an ever greater degree.

It is not simply conditioning. It is:

• Strength

The benefit of the Battle Ropes is they give you instant feedback on how successful you are in manipulating those variables for the desired outcome.

Enter the Onnit Academy Battle Ropes Specialist Certification.

Forces (of gravity, tension, etc.) are being enacted on our bodies at all times. They come at us from a near infinite number of angles, especially as we move and shift our orientation through space.

We can allow those forces to exert their influence unregulated.
We can develop the control to direct and wield them as we so choose.

To take advantage of all that this training has to offer and begin tapping into the power of the force, we cover:

• Variability of frequency to program for Power, Strength and Endurance goals
• Single and Double Rope applications
• Anchored and Unanchored utilization
• Body awareness and Positional modification

In any endeavour to break a paradigm and release the potential being held back, a shift in perspective is required. Courage, daring, vulnerability and trust in more than what we see right before our eyes are essential to piercing the fog of uncertainty.

For example:
The primary use of Battle Ropes in developing the ability to produce force is via waves through the manipulation of frequency.
What happens where force needs to be generated when the frequency is at zero?!

These types of questions, and how they affect our interaction with the world around us, are looked at over the course of the Onnit Academy Battle Ropes Specialist Certification. Which also includes:

• Training for the Mental Edge
• Vision Casting
• Team Building Exercises
• Leadership Development

Think about what ropes have traditionally been used for:

Tying off great ships, lashing down equipment, harnessing teams of animals, providing support and safety in a variety of other endeavours.

They are about connection.

Because Battle Ropes have this focus of generating external force from within, you will learn some of the most creative and innovative ways to make the Battle Ropes a transformative part of your optimized training.

Master wielding the Force from within, and harness the power of connection throughout.

Meet the Master

Aaron Guyett

Aaron Guyett is a husband, father, Onnit Master Coach, Marine Corps Staff Sergeant, and founder/co-owner of Costa Mesa, CA based fitness facility… Innovative Results.

As the Battle Ropes Master Coach he is most excited to teach force through frequency to help people develop mental, physical, and spiritual strength that they never thought possible. Aaron’s warrior heart and mind become contagious for everyone around him. Needless to say, Aaron is an incredible coach that lives and breaths his often quoted, “next one, best one!”

Follow Aaron at Onnit Academy On Demand!


The video-on-demand offering for the Onnit Academy provides each of our Master Coaches a channel to provide fitness programming highlighting their expertise. If you are curious about what the Battle Ropes Course entails or how to apply the content then subscribing to Aaron’s channel is a great way to start getting more familiar!



8:30 AM – Battle Ropes Certification Sign In & Orientation
9:00 AM – Morning Session Begins

Durability Warm Up
Battle Ropes Specialist Presentation
Single Rope Application for Power

12:15 PM Lunch

1:15 PM – Afternoon Session Begins

Single Rope Application for Strength
Double Rope Application for Strength
Durability Decompression

5:30 PM – Day 1 Complete


9:00 AM – Morning Session Begins

Durability Warm Up
Rope Efficiency Techniques
Single Rope Application for Endurance
Double Rope Application for Endurance

12:15 PM Lunch

1:15 PM – Afternoon Session Begins

Anchored Static Rope Protocol
Team Challenge
Rope Challenge
Durability Decompression

5:30 PM – Day 2 Complete


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