Why would a fitness system known for its extensive use of unconventional tools be offering 2 days of education on something as conventional as the Barbell? Because while many tools used at Onnit are outside the norm, it is not just the equipment that differentiates what we do. It’s how we do it.

Rather than re-teach what is already the norm, this course is designed to look deeper at what the barbell can provide. Both in the journey to accessing the body’s greater potential, and your ownership of that process.

The common perspective tends to look at the Barbell as a pure strength & power tool. Which it provides in spades. The Onnit Academy Unconventional Barbell certification looks at how the development of strength can serve as another addition to our Longevity & Performance. Which in turn will serve to enhance the strength and power the barbell is known for creating.

Designed with a step by step principle based approach, this course is great for anyone, from beginner to advanced athlete, with an interest in opening a whole new avenue to strength, stability, increased range of controlled motion, multi-planar functional movement and pain free, injury resistant training.


No prerequisite required to attend this Barbell Specialist course of the Onnit Academy Longevity & Performance System.

The Foundations and/or Durability courses are highly recommended as a precursor to this Onnit Academy Barbell Specialist seminar.

Learning Objectives

The Onnit Academy Unconventional Barbell Course teaches participants to:

  • Establish alignment protocols for optimal structural integration.
  • Positional refinement for maximum muscular recruitment
  • Understand the role of rotational control in the development of structural strength
  • Highlight weak links and overcome with full body connectivity.
  • Prime movement and decompress for activity specific preparation and recovery
  • Cultivate strength with minimal load
  • Grasp the usage of offset load in training
  • Build true movement potential by expanding to a multi-dimensional movement model.
  • Design fun, dynamic, barbell group classes accessible to beginners while


Might has always been associated with immense strength. And that strength, physically speaking, has generally been associated with lifting immense weight. The more you lift, the stronger you are. Something the barbell facilitates very well.

At the Onnit Academy, we take the question of “What does it mean to be strong?” and expand on that concept. We delve deeper and look at how mighty the meaning itself, behind what you do, can be, as we apply that principal to the barbell. With a greater meaning behind every pound lifted, every movement made, one can unlock a whole other level of strength, not only for the foreseeable future, but beyond to the horizons of life you have not yet laid eyes on.



8:30 AM – Barbell Seminar Sign In & Orientation
9:00 AM – Morning Session Begins

Durability Warm Up
Barbell Specialist Presentation
Pillar Preparation
Defining the Patterns
Landmine Basics

12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM – Afternoon Session Begins

Structural Strength
Group Coaching
Training Application
Durability Decompression
Recap / Q&A

6:30 PM – Day 1 Complete


9:00 AM – Morning Session Begins

Durability Warm Up
Barbell Complexes
Landmine Rotational Complexes

12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM – Afternoon Session Begins

Intro to Offset Barbell Training
Workout Design
Group Class Creation
Group Class Presentation
Graduation Workout
Durability Decompression
Review / Q&A

6:30 PM – Day 2 Complete


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