Onnit Academy Certification Structure

The are 2 primary categories of certification offered at the Onnit Academy: The Foundations Certification and the Specialist Certification.

Foundations Certifications

The Foundations Certifications comprises the basis for the Onnit Academy System and from which all other certifications are built. While not a prerequisite for taking the Specialist certifications, these are highly recommended because you will gain a deeper understanding of the design, applicability and innovation that comes with becoming an expert in your given stream of interest. The Foundations Certifications are also where we assist you to build a powerful platform for igniting your growth and impact as a coach to the next stratosphere. The Foundations Certifications category consists of our:

Specialist Certifications

The Specialist Certifications are designed to provide the specific tools and systematic approaches needed to fully incorporate each unconventional fitness implement into your training. The Specialist Certifications category consists of: