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Plant Based Protein

Onnit’s new Plant-Based Protein™ matches whey protein in every department—including flavor—giving those who follow a plant-based diet an alternative that works just as well, and tastes just as good.

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Control water to build an unshakeable body.

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O.P.S. Trucker

Back in stock with a new look

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Tech Stretch

Built for your workout.
Designed for your lifestyle.

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Aubrey Marcus
Featured episode
Powerhouse Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) stopped by Onnit for his second round on the podcast. While he describes his message as simple, the breadth of his wisdom is profound. In true AMP podcast fashion, we venture off the beaten path, with Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) commenting on things as far reaching as the consequences of the impending dissolution of privacy, and the rise of open relationships. It’s clear that after this discussion, Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) has a lot more to say about life than just entrepreneurship.
Latest episodes
A Bisexual Man Shares It All with Jason Ellis | Aubrey Marcus Podcast #235 Heads up: This podcast talks a lot about sex, of many varieties. Jason Ellis has had a plethora of seemingly contrasting careers: Pro Skateboarder, whipping...
How To Use Fear To Your Advantage | Aubrey Marcus Podcast #234 Akshay Nanavati is a US Marine veteran, entrepreneur, ultra runner, author, and alchemist of fear. In this podcast, we talk about methods for creating some...
Tim McGraw - Big Change Starts With A Small Step | Aubrey Marcus Podcast #233 Tim McGraw has sold over 80 million records, making him one of the top performing musicians of all time. After spending time with him in Los Angeles and Austin...
What Can You Learn From Your Hardest Times? | Aubrey Marcus Podcast #232 In this very special podcast I sat down with three of the people I admire most: Caitlyn Howe, Kyle Kingsbury, and Erick Godsey. We reflected on the last year...
How To Eat, Laugh, and Breathe Your Way To Health with Dr. Andrew Weil | Aubrey Marcus Podcast #231 Absolute legend Dr. Andrew Weil has been way ahead of the curve on some of the most important aspects of human optimization. He is the father of integrative...
Colin & Christie Open Up About Winning The Amazing Race | Aubrey Marcus Podcast #230 When Colin Guinn and Christie Woods went on The Amazing Race in 2004 they competed and argued their way to disaster. They fell just short of winning, and the...
How To Use Persistence to Achieve Your Dreams with Alex Banayan Alex Banayan came on for a marathon of a podcast officially breaking the AMP record for the longest podcast. It was beautiful to sit and have the opportunity...
How To Turn an Idea Into a Multi-Million Dollar Company with Miki Agrawal I had such a great time on this podcast. Miki Agrawal is an author and serial entrepreneur who is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of TUSHY--Not the porn...
How To Live and Learn with Humble the Poet | Aubrey Marcus Podcast #227 Humble The Poet dropped by to share some witty wisdom in his own poetic way. Word by word, Humble is laying down the bricks on the pathway to a life of growth...
Aubrey Recommends
This book is designed to give you the map to help you become more capable of doing anything you want to do. Maybe that is to play a sport, have incredible sex, hike a mountain, find mental clarity, connect with your family, whatever it is, this will make you more capable. That’s why this book is for everyone. That’s why this book is for you.
I believe that a time is coming where taking nootropics like Alpha BRAIN will be a standard human adaptation to get things done. Like drinking coffee. Except in a lot of ways, I like Alpha BRAIN better than coffee. It has no stimulants and works by directly stimulating neurotransmitters. So it won’t wear out your adrenals. But if you like coffee, enjoy them both at the same time. Go ahead and be on fire. Laying down on the pillow after a long day of crushing it is one of the most satisfying feelings in life.
Blending MCT Oil into my coffee and tea has become a daily ritual. The fats offer additional fuel and smooth out the energy curve for the caffeine. But when I don't have a blender handy, I have no good options. Emulsified MCT Oil changes the game. Now I can turn any drip coffee or hot tea into the creamy, fatty, deliciousness that I have come to love. And with the ridiculously good flavors, I can optimize any drink in seconds.
Hey Aubrey, do you want to have a good workout or an average one? That’s the question I ask myself before I take Shroomtech Sport.
Here I am, in a hotel, far far away from my beloved Onnit Gym. What do I do? Onnit 6! It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to train at home or on the road.
I literally cannot go a day without taking this product. Like most of us, I’m naturally deficient in these key minerals, including magnesium, and I notice a clear difference in muscle relaxation, resting heart rate and sleep quality when I take key minerals.
I remember the very first moment that we formulated powerfood active, I ran around the street giving samples to all the neighbors. It is hands down one of the best tasting superfood combinations in the game. If you want to level up your smoothie game and support an active lifestyle, this is your Huckleberry.

Total Human Optimization

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Aubrey Marcus

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