Kettlebell Goblet Squat Exercise Summary

The Kettlebell Goblet Squat is one of the best kettlebell exercises for core and leg strength. You not only get the benefit of stronger legs, but your shoulders will be given a fantastic workout as well. Simply holding the kettlebells in place is taxing on your shoulders, arms, and core.

It is imperative to maintain core tension throughout the exercise to ensure a safe movement. Since the weight wants to bring you forward it is easy to lean forward and put a strain on your lower back. Stay as upright as possible, stay tight and reap the benefits of the Kettlebell Goblet Squat.

The squat is fundamental to natural human movement. It represents a major deficiency in our capacity if we are not striving to at least become proficient with it, if not mastered. While most people squat, few perform it optimally.

Along with building strong legs and core, incorporating kettlebells adds an element of upper body work into the mix.

Kettlebell Goblet Exercise Steps

Step 1: Stand up straight holding the Kettlebell by the side handles

Step 2: Keeping your back straight and core tight, push your hips behind you while pretending to sit in a chair

Step 3: Try to get your hips past the parallel position while maintaining a straight back. Keeping your core tight and your weight on your heels, stand up

Tips & Safety: Imagine you are sitting on a very low chair behind you Instead of simply dropping down, pull yourself down with your hamstrings and gluteus