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Onnit Tribe: The Support You Need For Success

Onnit Tribe: The Support You Need For Success

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April 26, 2021

If you’ve fallen short of your fitness goals in the past, do you know why?

Is it because you didn’t have the right workout equipment? Plenty of people have gotten in shape using their bodyweight alone.

Did you feel like you just didn’t know what to do? Thousands of free workouts and diets are a Google search away.

Maybe you just weren’t able to stay motivated? But motivation comes and goes. Everyone misses a workout here and there.

No, the truth about why you’ve had trouble reaching your goals—in fitness and in life—more than likely comes down to one mistake you make every time you go after something: you go it alone.

You keep trying to make massive changes to your body, your nutrition, or your mindset all on your own, without a network of supporters who keep you accountable, on task, and in a positive frame of mind.

Research shows that you have a much better chance of staying on track with your goals, and achieving greater results, when you have friends who work for the same things alongside you. As the saying goes, “No man [or woman] is an island.”

A study in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that subjects who started a weight-loss plan with their friends were more likely to complete the program than those who went at it alone, and did better at keeping the weight off when checked up on months later.

The trouble is, good friends don’t grow on trees. It’s hard to find like-minded people who will support you unconditionally—and without judgment. How do you meet and convince the right folks to rally around you, especially in the middle of a pandemic where everyone’s social distancing??

The answer: you join the Onnit Tribe.

What Is The Onnit Tribe?

Onnit Tribe is a Facebook group of Onnit fans who provide ongoing support for each other in their fitness and life goals. The group is free to join and open to everyone.

Members post messages, photos, and video to engage with one another. The Tribe prides itself on being a safe space, where users can feel comfortable being vulnerable and share any kind of personal struggle—so harsh or negative responses to posts are not tolerated.

Apart from cheering each other on, Tribe participants share knowledge and advice on all aspects of fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle, showing new members how they can practically adopt healthy habits that might otherwise seem daunting or unrealistic. 

While the Onnit Tribe exists to serve members in any way they see fit, it’s a key feature of three other Onnit offerings: Onnit 6 (O6), Onnit in 30, and the Onnit 6 Challenge.

Onnit 6 is a collection of streamable, six-week long workout programs designed to help you transform your body and set healthy habits for life. Those who purchase an O6 program are automatically admitted to the Tribe to help them achieve the greatest possible results. Onnit in 30, meanwhile, is a more price-friendly selection of O6-style training that provides a perfect introduction to the Onnit fitness philosophy—10 workouts for under 10 dollars.

Finally, there’s the Onnit 6 Challenge—an extension of the Onnit 6 programs created for those who want to raise the stakes. Held several times throughout the year, it’s a competition among Onnit 6 users to build not just a better body but a better life—although the term “competition” is a bit misleading. Rather than vie against each other, Challenge contestants work together through the Onnit Tribe to build relationships and adopt practices that make them fit, healthy, and happy long-term.

Onnit Tribe Quarter 1 Recap: See What You’ve Been Missing

The first Onnit 6 Challenge of 2021 concluded March 28, marking the end of the Onnit Tribe’s first quarter of the year. To show how the Tribe works in helping people transform their lives, we’ll reveal some of what went on inside during those first three months of 2021, and share actual posts from the members that illustrate it.

Weeks 1–6 (January 4 – February 15)

Onnit 6 Challenge registrants are given a period of guided preparation before each Challenge begins, led by Challenge coaches John Wolf (Onnit’s Chief Fitness Officer) and Shane Heins (Director of Fitness Education).

Wolf and Heins help prepare the team for maximum results by giving them Topics of the Week to focus on. Topics include how to set goals, establish daily routines, create a support network at home, and other factors that set them up for success. Participants are encouraged to post in the Tribe about what they’re doing in their own lives to address each topic. Posts are entered into a weekly draw and then randomly selected; winning draws are rewarded with a $125 Onnit gift card to the poster.

Many people have preconceived notions about Onnit being a brand that’s just for athletes or the uber-fit, but, upon joining the Tribe, quickly realize that Onnit’s fans consist of people at all different points along their health and wellness journeys. No one is shamed for missing workouts or falling off a nutrition plan. The Tribe understands that life happens—and as long as you’re trying to better yourself, you can’t fail.

Weeks 7–12 (February 15 – March 29)

When the O6 Challenge begins, Challenge participants are able to directly engage with the Challenge coaches via weekly Facebook Live events.

Keys to Success are 30-minute Lives done at the beginning of each week to help you set intentions and goals for the week, and highlight key strategies to maximize your performance. These mini-conferences are the building blocks that set the foundation for success in the Challenge, and cover training, recovery, sleep and eating habits, scheduling, mindset, and more. Specifically, Keys to Success include the following:

1. Technical Proficiency

Each exercise prescribed in the O6 workouts can be modified to three levels of difficulty, so it’s important to find the one that’s appropriate for you. Specific coaching cues on how to do moves properly are also discussed.

2. Pacing

How to find a workout pace that lets you work hard but not burn yourself out or risk injury.

3. Restorative Work

What you need to do on a regular basis to help you recover from workouts and make the best gains—foam rolling, stretching, active recovery, and more.

4. Daily Journaling

Why and how you should record your progress, thoughts, and feelings in a log, using a notebook or the computer.

5. Listening To Your Body

How to check in with yourself, bringing awareness to how you feel about the program so far, how your body is doing, and what you need to do to stay on track.

6. Sharing Your Wins

Tell the Tribe all your accomplishments so far, no matter how insignificant they seem. A small step for you could provide major inspiration for someone else.

7. Exploring Your Limits

When you should push yourself on a given exercise or in a workout.

8. Knowing When To Throttle Back

Once you know how far you can push, recognize when and why you should back off.

9. Fueling For Performance

Healthy and sustainable changes you can make to how you’re eating and sleeping.

10. Prioritizing Success

How to ensure the choices and effort you make lead to the most meaningful outcomes.

Another Facebook Live, called Live at 5, is also done weekly, typically on Fridays. It’s an hour-long live Q&A session recapping the week—addressing challenges that came up along the way, sharing insights and stories, and allowing members to ask specific questions about any fitness, health, or wellness topic and get an immediate, personal response.

What Happens After the Onnit 6 Challenge?

At the end of the six-week Challenge, the participants have the opportunity to post a video or write-up summarizing how their physical and mental well-being has improved from the experience, and what healthy habits they’ll work to keep going forward.

After a multi-layered review process, two finalists—one male and one female—are selected for the grand prize, which includes $6000 in cash, $1000 in store credit for Onnit products, and access to all the O6 workout programs.

Though the Onnit 6 Challenge officially ends after six weeks, membership in the Tribe has no expiration date, and most participants continue to post actively—sharing their experiences with the Challenge and helping newer members.

The Tribe Is Waiting To Welcome YOU

The Onnit 6 Challenge is the biggest anchor point in the Onnit social community, and you’ll find that much of the Onnit Tribe conversation leads back to it. But if you’re not ready for that level of commitment, you’re still welcome to be a part of the Tribe, receive support, and challenge yourself in other ways.

The Tribe is guided by weekly themes that serve as focus points for members to rally around and stay connected to their life and fitness visions.

Themes include:

– Identifying meaningful, personal goals

– Exploring nutritional adjustments

– Allowing yourself space for reflection

– Facing what you’ve been avoiding

And many more.

Themes are often accompanied by short-term challenges. Participants are encouraged to post in the Tribe about what they’re doing in their own lives to address the topic, and are subsequently included in a weekly draw for Onnit gift cards and other prizes.

Tribe members can even come up with their own challenges. Check out O6 Challenge grand-prize finalist Barry Peterson’s Bump In The Road Challenge below, and some of the responses he got. Tribe members often tag each other in posts to draw attention to one another’s accomplishments so that the whole group can be inspired.

Bottom line: the Onnit Tribe is the ultimate opportunity to connect with like-minded people who share your passion for a healthy lifestyle, and have put their trust in Onnit to help them achieve it. There’s no better way to ensure you see your goals to completion—both in fitness and beyond.

Don’t let another quarter go by. Join the Onnit Tribe on Facebook today.

And for a first-hand account of how the Tribe can change lives, see our interview with Tribe member Freddy Lopez.

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