It is that time of the year where the joy, or nightmare, of Christmas is over and you are setting your sights on what goals you want to accomplish for 2015!

So, we thought we would give you a head start with our top kettlebell exercises from 2014. You can perform each one individually or incorporate all of them by creating your own circuit or workout. Here are the Top 10 Kettlebell Exercises of 2014!

#1. Kettlebell Ballistic Row


The Ballistic Row is an excellent exercise to build a powerful back, core and arms. Maintaining core tension will alleviate pressure on the lower back . Make sure to do this in a place where dropping the kettlebell won’t cause damage to anything. By performing the ballistic row you will also have the added benefit of a strong grip and forearms.

#2. Kettlebell Clean and Press

Kettlebell Clean & Press

The Kettlebell Clean and Press is a powerful exercise that combines upper and lower body strength and power. The clean and press is a complete workout, hitting nearly every muscle in the body. This is one of the best strength exercises available and yields phenomenal results. Performing clean and presses with kettlebells are easier on the wrists than barbell variations of the exercise. The Kettlebell clean and press also provides a much greater core workout that will challenge both novice and elite alike.

#3. Kettlebell Jump Squat

Kettlebell Jump Squat

Jump Squats performed with a kettlebell are a powerful leg strengthener, but should only be down with healthy knees. Perfect the bodyweight version before attempting to weigh yourself down. Explosive power is just one side effect of jump squats. Strong glutes and a solid core are coming your way when performed over time. Start slow and work your way up.

#4. Kettlebell Gorilla Clean

Kettlebell Gorilla Clean

The gorilla clean is one of the most powerful shoulder and posterior chain strengtheners available. You will feel this in your entire body the day after you complete a few sets. Great for building strength or conditioning.

#5. Kettlebell 2-Hand Swing

 Kettlebell 2-Hand Swing

The Kettlebell 2-Hand Swing is the brutal distillation of everything ketttlebell training is about: power, explosiveness, flexibility and lung searing cardio; It’s not simply that it works a lot of muscles, and make no mistake that it does, it’s that it teaches you to generate power from the core outward to the object you’re attempting to manipulate. Instead of learning to move a weight from point A to point B, you learn to generate force from your body’s powerhouse.

#6. Kettlebell Clean

Kettlebell Clean

The Kettlebell Clean should be a staple of your Kettlebell training regardless of your goals. It will build fantastic core and shoulder strength as well as forge and iron grip. A must for anyone about to step into combat on or off the playing field. It will help build overall strength as well and if used for a long enough duration will provide a great conditioning effect.

#7. Kettlebell Sots Press

Kettlebell Sots Press
The Kettlebell Sots Press will build massive core strength while helping the shoulders and legs endure whatever you might throw at them. This kettlebell exercise is the epitome of strength meeting balance. You don’t need a heavy weight to gain the benefits of the Sots Press. Named after Russian weightlifting champ, Viktor Sots, you will be cursing his name throughout this exercise. The tension must kept at all times which puts you in a good position to lift, but must be worked up to. If you have problems with the Sots press, start with Overhead Squats and Seated Military Press on the ground to build up.

#8. Kettlebell 2-Hand Clean Squat

The Kettlebell 2-Hand Clean Squat is a compound movement that combines a 2-Hand Clean with a Squat. The purpose is to smoothly transition between movements with one non-stop action that will force you to engage your entire body at once. Note that this movement is different from the Kettlebell Clean and Squat exercise which breaks down the drill into two distinct movements.

#9. Double Kettlebell Clean

 Kettlebell Double Kettlebell Clean

The Double Kettlebell Clean is a powerful exercise that builds explosive power and strength throughout your entire body. Performing the double clean will help you build a powerful grip. You will also develop a powerful hip snapping motion that will transfer into any sport or physical activity you choose. The Double Kettlebell Clean is a must not only for strength and power, but for the ultimate in conditioning.

#10. Kettlebell Alternating Double Reverse Lunge

Double Kettlebell Reverse Lunge

The Alternating Double Kettlebell Reverse Lunge is a surprisingly difficult drill that does more than simply challenge your legs. Thanks to the double kettlebell Rack Position, you’ll be engaging your core and upper body just as much, if not more, than you legs with each rep. This exercise is used in a Rites of Passage test.