Seated One-Arm Kettlebell Press Exercise Summary

The Seated One-Arm Kettlebell Press exercise forces you to depend on your core and shoulder strength as you take your legs out of the equation. This is a great variation to build shoulder strength and stability as well as increase the intensity of a lighter kettlebell

Seated One-Arm Kettlebell Press Exercise Steps

Step 1: Place a kettlebell between your legs in a seated position.

Step 2: With two hands grab the kettlebell and place it in the rack position.

Step 3: While keeping your shoulder down and your core engaged squeeze and press the kettlebell to a lockout position.

Step 4: “Pull” the kettlebell back down to the rack by engaging your lats.

Tips and Safety: Avoid the “rib flare” by engaging your core (between your pelvis and sternum) avoiding over-extension. Keep your head straight to avoid strain on your neck.