Workout Summary

Ready to forge the body of a god? The Titan Strength Cyclops Kettlebell Workout pits your body through a Labour with the Cyclops Kettlebell for a challenge Hercules would be happy to accept. The Titan Strength Cyclops Kettlebell Workout is a fat melting, muscle building cardio blast targeting your entire body! The first two supersets will increase your aerobic capacity and build full body strength, while set C will leave your core ripped to shreds. The Titan Strength Cyclops Kettlebell Workout will get you looking like Hercules in no time!

Workout Instructions

Complete both exercises in set A before moving onto set B. Move through each group as quickly as possible before resting. Once completed with the group, rest as needed and move on.

A1: Kettlebell 2-Hand Clean to Press – 5 rounds x 30 sec
A2: Kettlebell 2-Hand Swing – 5 rounds x 30 sec
B1: Kettlebell 1-Arm Floor Press – 5 rounds x 30 sec (each side)
B2: Kettlebell Figure 8 to Hold – 5 rounds x 60 sec
C1:  Kettlebell 2-Hand Sit Up – 2 rounds x 25 reps

Werewolf Legend Bell

Other Workout Details

Workout Created By: Mark de Grasse
Workout Demonstrated By: Mark de Grasse
Equipment Used: Kettlebells


Titan Strength Cyclops Workout