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Steel Club Workout for Functional Grip Strength

Using Steel Club Workouts for Functional Grip Strength

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August 22, 2014
Updated April 12, 2018
Category: Fitness

Steel Clubs for functional grip strength are like a master key to unlocking its development from isolation to integrated, dynamic expression.

Taking time for isolation can serve as a powerful reset. An opportunity to focus very specifically without the distraction of “too many options”. But like anything done in relative isolation, it eventually runs into the self-imposing walls that surround it, limiting its potential for ongoing exploration and discovery. In order to grow further in its capacity, it must step outside of those walls to interact with other input, stimuli and perspectives.

And when it comes to functional grip strength, what purpose does it really serve if not to enhance the quality and effectiveness of our more all encompassing endeavors. To translate into better movement, better performance, better output for greater input. All of which benefits you in your day to day life.

The thing is, developing a strong and dynamic functional grip is in fact very difficult to do in conjunction with many applied, full body movements and training. So it’s no wonder most of us find it challenging to either make the time for or find the motivation to include additional grip training into our physical practice or goals. Yet it is almost always in the context of some movement or performance goal/task that functional grip strength comes into play.

Steel Club Benefits to Functional Grip Strength

The Steel Club’s shape and weight distribution allows us to move it through diverse ranges of motion in relationship to our body’s capacity for ever increasing sophistication. At a depth that most other tools cannot.

This provides us with the ability to “connect” the rest of our body to an implement, exerting the force required for strength to progress, that shifts angle constantly by degrees throughout the execution of a given movement.

The unique nature of and specific demand that the Steel Club exerts on our grip was explored in more depth with the “Steel Club Grip Ringer” routine.

That provided us a means to experience a more isolated, “local” focus. Now, with that greater understanding, we will expand upon it and broaden our reach to the integration of that dynamic, functional grip strength in a more connected, “global” focus.

Steel Club “Grip Singer” Workout Routine

Steel Club Workout for Functional Grip Strength

The following routine is a full body strength and conditioning workout utilizing Double (one in each hand) Steel Clubs. You will be performing 6 dynamic Steel Cub movements through time under tension.

This workout uses a pair of Steel Clubs: 5 – 10 lbs for woman, 10 – 15 lbs for men. Do this session 2-3 times a week Be sure to get in a good mobility warm up before starting and a solid cool down release/stretch session upon completion.

The Workout:

A1: Front Rock-its – 5 rounds x 35 sec
A2: Shoulder Cast – 5 rounds x 35 sec
A3: Front Swing – 5 rounds x 35 sec
A4: Head cast – 5 rounds x 35 sec
A5: Side Swing – 5 rounds x 35 sec/arm
A6: Parry Cast – 5 rounds x 35 sec/arm

60-90 sec rest between sets (depending on how much time your grip needs to recover for the next set.

Perform all the reps for each movement before moving on to the next. All movements are done without rest until the end of the set.

Workout Tips

Side Swing is done with a single Steel Club (the only movement to do so). Complete 35 sec for one arm, then switch and do 35 sec for the other arm. It is a small reprieve you will thank me for later. Alternate between the regular Parry Cast and its Reverse either per set or per rep within a single 35 sec round.

Which ever you choose, just be sure to work with both directions. Also with the Parry Cast, keep the bottom of the Steel Club parallel with the ground. We’re using the gravitational pull of the Steel Club  to support us in the movement that, while still challenging the grip, serves as a major mobilizing tool.

Additional Notes:

Don’t “crush” the Steel Club handles. You won’t last the workout. Find the sweet spot between tension and relaxation, allowing for articulation and adjusting your selective tension as the Steel Club shifts from one angle to another in the course of a given movement. As your grip strength improves, gradually minimize your rest time in between sets.

Local exploration and familiarization to global connection and application with Steel Clubs for developing dynamic, functional grip strength. A tough combo to beat as you reach for the heights of your potential, striving towards achieving your greatest capacity.

A grip that is alive and connected. Just like your heart & soul.

Dare To Evolve.

Shane Heins is the owner and founder of Dare To Evolve® and creator of the expansive Club Evolution training series. He uses optimal fitness and the resulting access to vibrant, invigorating and fulfilling physical vitality, as a 'vehicle' to unveil the essence of who you are and the immensity of the unique gifts you have to offer the world around you. Dare to train from the heart and Ignite Your Life Evolution!
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