Workout Summary

Learning new Steel Club skills should always be built on progressions. If you have developed proficiency in the individual components that make up a complex skill and teach your nervous system how to properly sequence the skills, then you will be able to perform the complex skill well. It has been made to seem much more complicated than it is by some. In this 4-part Steel Club series you will be introduced to a no nonsense approach to building complex skills.

The first skill in the Steel Club Progressive Challenge Series #4 will introduce low-basin transitional movement while maintaining a high time under tension in an extended position with the Steel Club. The second is a take on one of my favorite Steel Club exercises taught by my good friend, Shane Heins of Dare To Evolve, what he calls the Shield Cast Figure 8. Take time to introduce these skills with significantly lighter Steel Clubs before progressing the weight.

Workout Instructions

This program is to be done in a circuit format performing each Steel Club exercise in the workset for the prescribed number of repetitions with one grip before changing grips. This will allow the progressions to build naturally by grooving the techniques on one side without having to stop and change grips on each Steel Club exercise. For example…you will perform A1-A3 continuously with a right hand over grip before changing grips to left hand over and going back through A1-A3 to complete one round.

A1: Steel Club 2-Hand Side Press 180 Stir – 4 rounds x 5 reps each side
A2: Steel Club 2-Hand Alternating Ready Warrior Lunge – 4 rounds x 5 reps each side
A3: Steel Club 2-Hand Warrior Lunge 180 Stir – 4 rounds x 5 reps each side

B1: Steel Club 2-Hand Alternating Shield Pullover – 4 rounds x 5 reps each side
B2: Steel Club 2-Hand Alternating Side Swing – 4 rounds x 5 reps each side
B3: Steel Club 2-Hand Alternating Shield Pullover Figure 8 – 4 rounds x 5 reps each side

Other Workout Details

Workout Created By: John Wolf
Workout Demonstrated By: John Wolf
Equipment Used: Onnit Steel Clubs