The 2-Hand Front Swing is built off of the 2-Hand Sit & Drive drill. The differentiation is the amplitude of the swing in the forward position. Rather than staying in a partial squat the focus is on extending the hips to a tall standing position to accelerate the Steel Clubs up and outward. This is the Steel Club equivalent of the 2-Hand Kettlebell Swing.

Exercise Steps

Step 1: Grasp the Steel Club with both hands aligned with your shins.

Step 2: Rotate your elbow pits forward to lock out the arms.

Step 3: Angle the Steel Club back and down towards the floor as you sit your hips back.

Step 4: Maintain neutral spinal alignment as you drive your hips forward to a tall standing position to initiate the Steel Club swinging forward.

Step 5: Allow the Steel Club to groove the backswing as you stay balanced on your mid-foot and avoid any tension unnecessary to maintain structure. Fluidly repeat steps 3-5.